The Best Apps That Can Help You Pass the Time While You’re on the Road

It’s the season for long-trips and holidays on the road. Whether you’re visiting family or friends, you would find yourself on the train going to nowhere, or in a car sharing a drive with your parents, your siblings, or your college roommates; and you would definitely have time to spare where there is nothing else to do. So instead of listening to the broken radio which has been playing nothing but country songs for nine hours straight, why don’t you load your mobile phone, or graphics tablet with these amazing games online apps can provide?

Why the Mobile Phone?

So maybe you forgot to charge your Nintendo 3DS or you left your PSP at home. But if there’s one gadget you surely wouldn’t leave behind for a long trip, it’s definitely your cell phone. Countless of people around the nation today depend on their mobile phone for their communication, entertainment, and contact to the outside world. Considering that everything has expanded and improved over the years, you could probably enjoy some WiFi while you’re at a stop along the high way, since most well-known establishments from Starbucks to Taco Bell most likely have internet connection for everyone to enjoy. Since you’re on vacation, you probably want to leave all your work-related problems behind; that also include your emails, internet fax, and memos… unless you also plan to work during the Holidays. However, while you’re in transit, you can enjoy various applications which can surely pass the time, and even get you addicted.

  • Food Games – The best thing which can definitely take your mind off the road are applications which simulate the food you were craving to eat before you left the city. Food apps work both as a boon and a bane, they either make you hungrier, or they help you hold on long enough till your mother decides that you can open the huge bag of Lays chips in the bag placed on the backseat. With games such as Skyburger, Pancakes, Master Chef, Burger, and more; you can keep yourself entertained with either fastfood delicacies or high-class desserts.


  • Dozers – You’ve played them in arcades, those machines which keep pushing coins towards the edge, tempting you to take some when you still want to play Tekken or throw some hoops. Then you’d slip in your last coin and realize that you’re not going to get any cash left to play the games you’ve been doing all day. So why not put all that frustration into your digital games instead? Google Apps and iOS provide many Dozer games that do not need frequent internet use, such as Coin Dozer and Cookie Dozer.


  • Arcade Games – The best way to spend your time while waiting for the miles to close in is to do it the old fashioned way – arcade games! Providing dozens of Arcade games from the famous Angry Birds to Zombie Dash, Jetpack Joyride, and well-known titles such as Final Fantasy III; enjoy old-style grinding while you’re on the road!