The Advantage of Weekend Social Media Posting For Your Business

Businesses that use Facebook accounts to leverage consumers have become a dime-a-dozen these days that it has become hard to imagine anyone in the retail industry to thrive without one. It is true that what drives people to buy goods or avail of services is mostly derived from opinions shared by online friends and peers. The same applies to the way social media has become the new arbiter of taste and retail mentality affecting our perceptions of best buys and advantageous deals. The fact remains, however, that in the mindset of the business owner using Facebook as a marketing tool — its potency as a spreader of the word about companies and brands still depend on the amount of exposure it gets.

The more exposure your company/brand gets from real-time and interactive social media like Facebook, can spell an awareness success rate hard to match by traditional media like TV, radio or even print. You may find equal success in making social media work together with your online retail pursuits in conjunction with your VoIP if you have something like a RingCentral call forwarding feature in your system. All these media supports connect you to your main market and consumer group source efficiently depending on how well you have configured the infra in your company.

Know the Advantages

Knowing about certain advantages regarding the use of social media further advances your retail cause. There are factors that need to be given the right amount of attention. They may sound trivial although they will never remain trivial for too long. These social media realities are what you have to swim through to efficiently channel consumer awareness into actual sales that it really can generate. It would be advisable for you to learn about how to manage your Facebook page to convert followers into sales. Here’s how:

  • Set your goal and measure it. Find a way to harness Likes and turn them into sales leads. Of course, you have made it a point to make followers of your brand aware of new things you post on Facebook. The amount of interest consumers show can be gleaned from the way web analytics track how much traffic has been involved. You should have a goal to get this much activity from followers converted into sales by setting up shopping carts and “contact us” forms around them. You can measure this by knowing exactly where business leads originate and where sales truly come from.
  • Tell followers what to do. Be explicit with how you want followers to buy by writing down procedure that’s easy to understand. Links should always be working and must bear easy to follow instructions.
  • Try different approaches at posting. You can experiment and observe how followers react on social media. The quick interactivity makes it convenient for you to do so because once you get the hang of it; you come equipped with a great sense of timing. Be likewise aware of the fact that Facebook fans like to use the network when they have downtime. This is the reason why weekends tend to receive high interaction rates. Buddy Media whitepapers say companies should post more on weekends because the interaction rate is 14.5% higher compared to weekday posts.
  • Invest in Facebook advertising. Since social media tends to influence consumers via peer and online friend “pressure” you need to find a way to go around this. Page managers can use domain ads on facebook to drive traffic outside of the social network and onto a landing page where you can convert followers into consumers. This also enables users to discover your website and may even encourage sharing back onto their social media circle as a way to promote the site to other online friends.