Some Advanced Blogging Techniques used by Smart Bloggers

If you feel you have been reading a lot and think you have a fair potential in writing and expressing notions, information, etc.! Well, you are at the right spot. To make a blog successful it could be as complicated as anything if you are not aware of certain blogging techniques and technicalities. We will tell you about some advanced blogging techniques that smart and successful bloggers have been using, taking in account some basic points.

The Blog:

The log outlook itself can make a big difference to your audience. Use platforms that can give you more advanced features so that you can work on the material more than worrying about the technical issues related to your website. WordPress, for example is the most common blogging platform used by bloggers these days, which can give you a cent per cent autonomous blog with easy control over everything. The biggest secret to a successful blog however is the content. So, decide what is your area of expertise or what you are really interested in writing about. As a next step, you should be willing to research more about the matter and give an exhaustive and informative blog.

The Niche:

Now when you have decided a subject matter, try to make it as niche as possible. Just like a business, you must identify, as a blogger, your target audience. And give them exactly, through your blog, what they come looking for. The sharper the niche, the higher you will see those unique visitor graphs going! The key to success would be identifying your assets and utilizing it for the blog. The blog should provide all information a reader might be searching for. Keep it informative and high on quality marks.


Most blogging themes supported by WordPress come with easy to navigate themes that enable the readers to post a comment. The more interactive you are with your readers over the comments, the better. If they ask for more specific and additional information, give them the same through the comments. Also, there is plug-ins which can enable others to like a comment or even rate it. Tools like these make your blog more interactive and fun to be on.


Well, to make a decent amount of money through your blog, you are required to have high visitors per month. For this, your website has to be niche. Other than that, it also depends how clean your website is and how reader friendly it is. Many blogs have in-text advertisements which are a big turnoff for several readers. Instead, many smart bloggers use internal text link advertisements which generate even more revenue and instead, help the users to find more on what they seek. Also, filling up your sidebars with advertisement is not such a good idea. Try to make it compact and sell your own products with attractive teasers to make money out of your blog than simply relying on ad sense and other ad services.

SEO Management:

One thing that is common about every successful blog is that they are highly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Using the right keywords in your headings and updating your website from time to time can make it SEO favorite. The more SEO favorite your website is; the higher is the ranking of your link on google. Hence, there is a better chance of “googlers” coming in to read your blog. Plagiarism can really damage your SEO. So, as a serious piece of advice, do not simply copy and paste the content.

Also, if you have a mailing list of your regular users, you can send those updates of your new blog posts or products. This way, they can come back for more. So find ways other than comment boxes that can get you your readers email addresses. Smart bloggers always try to maintain a mailing list through subscription forms and different small time offers that can help them retain users.


About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of cell phones. She recently bought a Yamaha Scooters for herself. These days she is busy in writing an article on best eBook reader.