How to Solve Error “Next Message Unexpectedly Lost from MBOX File”


Communication through emails has now become one of the major things to maintain the business productivity. Numerous platforms are available to execute exchange of information. Among all the other email application, Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the popular email clients. This is widely used in many organizations and the primary reason for its popularity is the simple interface. It allows users even to access the mails in offline mode. The Mozilla Thunderbird Application uses the MBOX file format in order to save the data, But there are certain errors with the file format. One such error that we are going to fix is “Next message unexpectedly lost from MBOX file.”

It is an unexpected error, which can create hurdle in between of the work. In order to fix this, users searches for quick tricks. However, it is not so easy to find a proper solution for this. This is the reason; we have come up with a proper solution of the error. There have been multiple queries from the users all over the internet one such query is mentioned below.


“Since last week, I have been facing an issue with the Mozilla Thunderbird Email client application. Every received message gets automatically misplaced from the Mbox file. I mean I cannot find the message anywhere in my profile. In the beginning, it seems strange to me, but when I consult one of my friend he suggested me to modify header. I have done it as per the instructions. However, nothing worked for me. Now, I am looking for a proper solution to recover the lost MBOX file. Please suggest me any way to get out of this problematic solution.”

Recover Lost MBOX Files Via Manual Approaches

The recovery problem can be rectified by repairing folder with the help of this option

  • Modify Header: The first and foremost method is by Modifying the header. The lost or deleted emails can be retrieved back again by modifying the X-Mozilla-Status header. You need to set it to 0 for the recovery of the MBOX and rectification will be done if applicable.

Important Note: Make sure that you are making the accurate changes in header, as even a wrong change for the recovery may worsen the circumstances.

  • Other Methods: In case the above-suggested method does not work properly, you can opt for folder compaction or file deletion to recover MBOX file. You can execute recovery by deleting the index file of the affected MBOX. It is because at times this may be the cause behind damaged MBOX file.

If none of the above method works, then there is only one choice left in front of users i.e. to opt for a third party tool. The MBOX file format can be recovered very easily with a third party software. As, there are multiple third party software available to choose from in today’s online market. Numerous third party applications are available in the online market for this propose.

To Wrapping It Up

As discussed, MBOX is one of the most versatile file formats. It is commpatible with multiple email applications such as The Bat!, Pocomail, Mail Copa, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Eudora, Entourage, etc. However, there are certain errors faced while using the MBOX file format. One such error has been discussed in the above blog i.e. “Next message unexpectedly lost from MBOX file.”  Therefore, for the rectification of this error we have learned manual tricks. In case the manual approaches, does not work then users may opt for some third party software that are available in abundance in the market.


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