Solutions if you Forgot Administrator Password

Have you forgotten your administration password? If yes, then it’s very annoying and irritating. It is a preventable problem that many of the users come across. However, don’t worry there are many solutions for this. Most of the users, who forget their password either, go for formatting their hard disk or operating their system, but it is not essential in most of cases to do so.

Many simple methods are also available to follow and get access to the PC again as before. Some of the methods are so simple, easy enough that even a new user can easily follow as they do not require any difficult recovery consoles or complicated commands. One can easily follow the following steps and get new password while recovering windows.


1. Turn ON the PC and place the windows CD in the CD ROM.

2. Your screen will show you the message for booting the CD. Now, press any key to start booting.

3. When the process will start, your screen will show the set up and will indicate that your system is being inspected and files are being loaded.

4. Now you will be able to see the message about welcoming in the set up screen then press ENTER to start.

5. Now press F8 for accepting the license agreements.

6. Now your screen set up will give you many options, choose REPAIR option.

7. Once the repair will start, it will take some time as the disk is being under the process of checking, whether the files are being copied.

8. Rebooting is required when the process of copying files is completed. It will start itself and you will be able to the progress bar on the screen. It will take nearly 15 seconds.

9. Do not make mistake of pressing any key in between the rebooting process to boot the CD again. When rebooting will be done, screen will automatically show the standard billboard screen and you will watch that installing windows will be highlighted.

10. Press SHIFT+F9 when you will notice the device progress bar on the extreme left side of the screen. ALAS! This is the security hole. Now, command console will be opened for you and will provide you the opportunity to access most of your system.

11. Type NUSRMGR.CPL on the prompt and then you need to press ENTER. Immediately, after entering you will get access of user accounts in the control panels.

12. Now, select the account that you need to change the password or remove the password whatever you think is better for you. If you want to remove the password then enter control userpassword2 and select the option for logging in without password. Now, close the windows and exit from the command box and continue with your work of repairing.

13 Once your repair is completed, you can log on with your new password or without any password, whatever you have preferred.

This security session gives you more options like registry and policy editor.

John S Lam is a content writer and Marketing Executive who is recently pass 642-278  and in future he wants to get certified with 412-79.