Let’s Assess The Social Media Networks

In current era, to being social on Social Networks is a key element of each life, either for public service or for political, either for marketing or advertising, either for journalism or for business, either for recruitment or for queries, SOCIAL NETWORKS helping in all segments to the world.

In order to determine your social network needs, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of social networks.


Facebook, with the latest stats, it’s valued as 80billion dollars, although the facebook is under critics due to their privacy policy.

Facebooks’ Strong Points:

Creating Branding – By clicking on LIKE button on any Company’s Facebook Page, users are indulging to advertise that particular Company’s advertisement in there “Friends”. So, facebook make easy advertisements.

Facebook Analytics – Facebook, also provide stats for the particular page that how many visitor get visited on the page.

Easy to express – At facebook, it’s easy to express your opinion, expression towards anything. You can appreciate any one on a single click, and those clicks advertise that particular thing in users’ friend’s portfolio.

Facebooks’ Weak Points:

Targeted Posts – Its very difficult to post at targeted audience, like to target family, friends, colleges, and so on. User can post it, but its very hard to select the targeted person, in that case; Goolge + is a very much improved.



Twitter, enables you to tweet, about your blog, your business and whatever is going in your mind.

Twitter comes to in action at July, 2006.

Twitter’ Strong Points:

Follow Your Interests – Twitter is a preferred platform, where users find and follow the issues and people. You can follow any one to whom you personally don’t know.

User’s Interest Concision – Twitter also allowing people to search only those post which are related to their interest, and click through when they want to find more.

Twitter’ Weak Points:

Character Limit – Twitter’s 140 character limit is good point for some users but also creates irritation for some tweet users.

Tweets’ Overloaded – At tweeter, tweets would be overloaded, and very difficult to catch all tweets in case you have a large list to which you are following, because there is so much content

Tweeter’s Analytics – it’s very difficult to find that how much traffic twitter is generating.


Google Plus:

Google + – Google + is the rare initiative which was not the any new idea, but a response to the competitor success.

Google + Strong Points:

Grouping Life – Google + enables you to group your life, Google + has CIRCLES which helps you to organize contacts into group, and share with privacy in respective groups. The user interface is very friendly, and gives the experience of easiness with beauty.

Google + Hangouts – Through Hangout option, you can create group video chats, while facebook only gives you the one to one video chat.

Jell-up with All Google Applications – Google + enable you to stay connected with gmail, g-docs, google maps, and more over to the search.

 Google + Weak Points:

Lack of breavity – as there is no brevity, so its just look like the long blogs if users utilize in a lengthy posts.



Linkedin is a professional networking place, where users are looking for prospective hires.

Linkedin’s Strong Points:

Professional’s Information – Linkedin, have the vast database of users having their professional information and about their companies. Linkedin is a Giant in Professional networking places; it gives users opportunity to hire or to be hired.

Limited Sharing – You can share the content at linkedin, but you cannot see the comments, as Linkedin was not built for it.


So, above are the analysis among the top social medias, choice is yours to select which is best for you.

Best of luck for your social media.