Social Networking Made Easy with Pholiofy

Social networking sites play an important role in keeping in touch with friends, family, colleagues and even fans. According to Pew Internet, research shows that 69% of adults who connect online use social networking sites. This study was conducted between July 16, 2012 and August 7, 2012. Based on this statistic, 66% of online adults use Facebook, which is why many people promote their products and businesses on this social media platform. Procuring a toll free number and creating your very own website are some of the keys to success these days.

Having a tool that can help you organize your news feeds, group pages and pictures can make your social networking experience easy and more bearable. A well-managed social presence can result to lots of time, money and effort saved and gained. This is where Pholiofy comes in. Pholiofy aids people who wish to expand their reach through Facebook with creating a website within the social medium. Here are some reasons why many people have been using this tool.


Speed and convenience

You can easily upload your text or logo and publish it on your Facebook page with just one click. It is also easy to edit other content because this program was developed using the same platform as WordPress. Log in to Pholiofy to update your content and let people know about your latest events, such as a poker tournament you are interested in playing in. There are now many poker players who prefer playing online because it is more convenient. Gaming hubs such as party poker offers various poker games and tournaments unlike the typical Texas Hold’em tournaments at the World Series of Poker. Players also have bigger chances of winning thanks to the tutorials found on Party Poker which can help improve their game. There is a section in the poker site that teaches different poker theories, new strategies, and how to read your opponent’s body language. No wonder more people have been switching from live poker tournaments to online poker because of the thrill, excitement and additional information they get from the aforementioned gaming site. If you are planning to hold poker nights in your flat, there is a great chance of having a high attendance because people would have been made aware of your latest events and happenings via Facebook.


If you want your contents to be private, it is possible with Pholiofy. It allows you to hide your content and the only way people can see it is when they click the “like” button of your Facebook page. The fan gate will be unlocked and members will be able to see the latest posts, promotions and events on your page.

Tab icons

Having a tab icon makes it easier for you to see the content of your tab. Pholiofy has different tab icons for Facebook, including a little heart and a radio. You can use the heart icon for your promotions while the radio icon can be used for your radio live stream. Pholiofy has a great design team that ensures the logos are appropriate, well-designed and will suit the site that you will be creating fairly well.

Page Views

People have been using Google Analytics to see the page views, traffic sources and other activities on their website. Page views or hits are crucial to some people when all that matters is to expand their reach and establish their online presence. You can now add that tool on your Facebook page so you can keep track of the number of people who visit your page, how many of those were converted to “likes” and other statistics. This will help you see what pages are popular and what needs to be improved.