Social Media: The Good and Bad Effects

“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: it gives us immediacy, direction, and a value as an individual” -David Amerland

Nowadays, it would seem almost preposterous and ridiculous not to be a member of at least one social media platform. Social media has become so intertwined with our lives that most netizens would consider your existence a bit questionable if you do not have at least one online identity for which you can interact with other netizens through the Internet. Of course, the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram–the social media trifecta has done much to contribute to social media popularity.

These social media juggernauts may have contributed to an ease of access in connecting to the world and may have provided an avenue for a potential boom in business–but this does not mean to say that the usage of social media is entirely free from perils.  Like anything else in this world, too much of something is not necessarily a good thing and may present some certain disadvantages and social media usage is no exemption.  To give you a better insight as to what these are, this article enumerates both the advantage of disadvantages of using social media to purvey the idea that the same should be used wisely and only to a certain extent.


1.)  A known precarious effect of too much social media is addiction. This is inevitable if you spend countless hours scrolling on the news feed of any of the social media platforms as this can divert your focus and attention from a task rendering you ineffective in performing your jobs.

2.) It promotes false realities. We all often see how people can post about how lovely their lives truly are (posting about their wonderful relationships, their new accomplishments, their new stuff and the like). This can negatively impact the viewer who may be inadvertently comparing himself/herself to the poster where they would feel that whatever they possess pales in comparison and in effect, leave them unsatisfied and maybe a bit jealous. But what most social media users do not know is that they are only examining what these people want them to see as a frequent observer of other people’s lives on social media. Some of these posts may not even be real and are just posted by users to feel better about what they lack.

3.) If you are the type of social media user who tends to share too much, you are posing a great peril to your own person. Personal information which you may have posted can be exploited by others and since identity theft is still a thing today, oversharing too much on social media can make you a potential victim.


1.) If you are rather nifty in promoting posts as regards your business on social media, this may just be the essential boon your business needs. As it is, utilizing social media can help your business in a variety of ways especially if you factor in just how many people are logged into a particular social media platform 24/7. Today, traditional marketing such as radio commercials, newspaper ads and the like can only get so far and are superseded by modern ways such as social media marketing. If you want to keep up with the competition, then it is best if you modernized your advertising campaigns as well.

2.)  These social media platforms have all unique provided an avenue for communication between bloggers and their tech-savvy readers as well as their clients. Their articles can exemplify their expertise in different fields which their audiences would share in their social circle–further enhancing your follower sphere.

3.) To effectuate a huge platform for achievement of some specific objective or movement, a wider reach is essential for more members and participants. Social media usage makes sure this is possible by uniting people on a large scale contributing to bringing positive changes in society.


Author Bio:

Abbeygail Urie is a techie woman and wants to be always updated with the growing technology today. She is also freelance writer and blogger for Optimind SEO. Optimind SEO can help websites to improve the overall performance through the proper implementation of on-page and off-page strategies.