Social Media Marketing Trend Predictions For 2016

Since its early days, social media marketing has been quite peculiar. At first, the platforms were quite finicky, with critics insisting that social marketing was not a viable or useful marketing strategy. However, we are not witnesses to an era that has rock-solid social media marketing platforms which offer useful options for advertising and many free opportunities for business to make their content public. Still, the world of social media marketing is one that is subject to constant change, with various new platforms arriving each year and existing companies racing to stay ahead of the game when it comes to new features and innovations. Based on history and recently emerging trends, 2016 will host a variety of new trends and changes in the social media marketing scene.

In-The-Moment Updates

By nature, social media is already ‘in-the-moment’, however there are some posts that this is truer of than others. For example, Twitter recently acquired Periscope, which allows users to give a live video broadcast of an aspect of their lives. In comparison to simply making a video and posting it later, this is far more in-the-moment, with Periscope users collectively watching forty years’ worth of live video each day. Other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat also support on-the-go and in-the-moment updates, which could collectively herald in a new era of immediacy when it comes to social media.

Buy Buttons Take Over

Facebook and Pinterest are just two social media marketing platforms which gained attention in 2015 by introducing new ‘Buy’ features for their users and advertisers. Mobile users of these platforms who see a product that they like in a featured post are now able to purchase it in one click, without the need to leave the app. Instagram is not far behind on catching up to this trend, and by the end of 2016 most major social media brands are expected to feature some kind of buy button as part of their advertising campaigns.

New Publication Options

Facebook’s Instant Articles feature is just the beginning of a variety of new publication options expected to become available in 2016. Publishers on board with the Instant Articles feature from Facebook are able to publish full-length articles to Facebook users without the need to post a link to an external source. As social media platforms are becoming more competitive and aggressive when it comes to keeping users in-app for as long as possible, they are likely to come up with more sophisticated forms of publishing for organizations and businesses as a dynamic way to present more material to the public whilst keeping them in app.

These are just some of the social media marketing trends that are expected to be widely used by Berbay, which is a Marketing Firm Los Angeles amongst others. User privacy concerns are also expected to hit an all-time high in 2016 since the high-profile security breaches of 2015 such as the Ashley Madison hack which released a list of user data to the public eye.