Social Media: A Company’s Fly on the Wall

Customers are now able to get in touch with businesses of all sizes thanks to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This also allows companies to publicize their new offerings and promote their brand for free. As communication is supposed to go both ways, social media is the same. It will not work its magic when only one side of the party is doing the interacting.

Companies that have social media accounts are tasked to keep track of their profiles regularly and while others say that this requires no planning, they are sorely mistaken. By watching their social media accounts, they are able to get copious amounts of information, solicited and otherwise. Here is how you can use social media to get an inside look into your consumers’ minds.

Building bridges

One of the most beneficial effects of social media is how it allows you to discover new people, as well as let you know about other connections you may have missed. Having a LinkedIn account may be great but there are still some people who do not have an account there but have one on Facebook. Thanks to the popularity of several social networking sites, you can find people that are not on a particular one. You get to tap into an audience that you thought you never could have.

To-the-minute information

When companies have new services or products, social media allows them to see their market’s immediate reaction, be it negative or positive. Likes and shares are all well and good but the value of a comment or direct message from one of your consumers prove to have a lot of value as well. Press releases can be made and disseminated faster than ever before, all at a fraction of the cost of regular Public Relations. In fact, making a Twitter account is free of charge so think of all the free publicity your company can get.

Be in on the public’s opinion

In the past, companies made use of surveys to figure out how they were doing and whether or not their target markets were satisfied with their services. These days, they can get the collective opinion of the public simply by reading through comments on Facebook or Twitter. Since airing an opinion through these sites is much easier than writing the company an e-mail, more people prefer the former. You can react to any issues in real time and try to fix any problems before they do too much damage to the company and its reputation.

Bonus: Use them as statistics

Social media is now a great way to measure the dissent and assent of the public regarding a certain issue. Sometimes, all company has to do is make a survey on Facebook that can be answered with a yes or no and they can see the results in real time. There will no longer be a lag between discovering the problem and attending to it since the statistics will be appearing in front of their eyes.