Smartphone as Remote for Your Life

It has been called many things, but one moniker that has captured the true essence of the smartphone is no other than “remote for your life”. Why not, since this small yet powerful device have the ability to not only allow you to maximize the features offered by phone service providers, among them RingCentral, but also to do more amazing things such as remotely controlling your car, television, refrigerator, and even plant-watering equipment. This on top of its more common functionalities as a hub of your life—from non-communication tasks such as using applications for personal and business use to the business communication endeavors such as taking and making a call and launching a video conference.

The term “remote for your life” stems from messages given by entrepreneurs themselves who were present during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest technology and electronics show in the world, this year. In this event, various technologies such as new models of tablets, smartphones and laptops were showcased, along with thousands of applications designed for various operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows 8. With these innovations, the smartphone has taken a lot of functions that are formerly possible only with other much powerful devices.smartphone-jan14

Some examples of wonderful technologies that were showcased at the CES are enumerated below:

  • A smartphone that can stream music via a connected refrigerator was invented by the South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics, the maker of Samsung Galaxy SIII.
  • Dacor, a US-based appliance manufacturer, showed off its “first Android oven” that doubles as a device to access your email and the Internet.
  • LG, another tech company that is based in South Korea, has developed a smartphone application that enables you to control several appliances such as robotic vacuum, washing machine, or oven. One refrigerator also made by LG has a touchscreen panel that, when a database is crafted for reference of the appliance, can wirelessly transmit a shopping list to your smartphone.
  • Whirlpool, a US-based appliance manufacturer has devised a washing machine that can send an SMS alert whenever the laundry is done. It has also invented a refrigerator that can stream music so that you can set a playlist depending on the event that you have on your residence or office.
  • Gardening enthusiasts may find Parrot and Moneual’s application that enables your smartphone to water your plants by using a sensor that can alert homeowners when plants are thirsty through such indicators as humidity, light, and temperature.
  • Ford and General Motors are also venturing in developing apps that can be used in vehicles, on top of those that allow movie and music streaming using smartphones.
  • Delphi Automotive has developed an application that can help drivers imitate key fob functions, allowing them to control, locate and track their vehicles.
  • Smartphones can also be installed with an app that is equipped to monitor vital signs such as blood sugar and heart rate, as well as athletic concerns such distance travelled.
  • Tech companies, in addition, have also ventured in second-screen technology, which integrated the television and the smartphone, aside from the latter just being used as a remote TV control.

All of these innovations in the smartphone industry have ushered in a new era for this device; one that does not concerns itself with telephony but also with non-communication activities.