Smartphone Apps for Productivity and Storage

phone_apps400For many smartphone users, they want huge storage where they can store a lot of files such as videos, photos and music. The same is true for millions of businessmen. They want bigger storage for them to store business related files such as reports, financial statements, and the likes. With the improved capabilities and functions of the smartphone, all these are possible now. This is very true for Android-run mobile phones. Users can choose from various productivity and storage apps which can help them manage their files. Some of these apps are Dropbox, Google Drive,, Any.DO, Wunderlist and Expense Manager.

Below are the functions and features of some of the aforementioned apps:

Bring your Documents Anywhere Using Dropbox

At this day and age, business has become more mobile as compared to decades ago. Thus, there is a need to always have easy access on information particularly documents that are pertinent to the daily business operation. Well, there is now an answer to that. The Dropbox app is a free service that lets users bring all of their videos, photos and other documents anywhere they go. What they need to do is to install the app in their computers. After successfully installing, any file that they save in the Dropbox will be saved automatically in all of their Android devices including the smartphone, computers and of course in the Dropbox website. With this function of the app, smartphone users can definitely take everything that matters to them as they go anywhere. In addition, they can share videos and photos with their friends by just making a few taps on the phone. The best thing is even if you accidentally lost your device, any file is safe on your Dropbox. Now, that is something business people can rely on.

Aside from the functions above, the app also has several other features. For one, it allows users to save email attachment directly to Dropbox. It also makes possible the saving of videos and photos in their Dropbox. Lastly, users can also edit documents very easily in their Dropbox.

Manage your Expenses Easily with Expense Manager

Most of the time, our busy schedules don’t allow us to have time to account our expenses. That is not a problem anymore as there are now apps that can do the job for us. One great example is the Expense Manager app. The app allows users to manage expenses directly on the smartphone. It helps them keep track of their finances. It records expenses and it also has an option where users can categorize their expenses. With it, they can see where they spend their money a lot. The app shows helpful insights and detailed statistics which are really nice and beneficial.

The Expense Manager app has also other features that might interest smartphone users. Some of these are the holo style, setting of monthly limit on expenses, management of monthly overheads, ad-free, homescreen widget for a much faster usage, CSV Export, expense distribution, expense history, and DashClock Integration.

These productivity and storage apps will be surely beneficial to business people. They can actually use it to monitor their expenses on their communication systems. These can help them manage their expenses on items such as the phone service provider like RingCentral. With this, they can have a better allocation of budget on every input that they need to run the business.