Six Technologies to Give your Clinic an Edge

Healthcare costs are on the rise, while the demand for services is also increasing. Today technology helps healthcare professionals and clinics keep pace with this demanding industry, and the following innovations are helping to broaden treatment horizons and realize new opportunities for healing.

New Delivery Methods
In many rural areas, there is a shortage of physicians, but new technologies are helping to provide greater access all the time. Mobile health apps work to alert patients of appointments and new facilities, and remote vital monitoring devices help doctors keep track of patients with various problems. Teleconference medical consultations bring in new patients and even connect towns with better doctors and improved care.

Electronic Medical Records (ERMs)
Switching from paper records to electronic reduces costs, errors, and increases HIPPA law compliance. These integrative records also enhance patient care by allowing healthcare workers to access all procedures and histories while reducing redundancies or contraindications. The challenge has been making the switch, but as new implementation technologies arise, the change goes more quickly.

Needle Free Diabetic Care
Helping to reduce costs, bio-hazardous waste, and consumer error, a bio-sensitive patch is applied to a diabetic’s skin. Instead of drawing blood, sensors detect the blood glucose chemistry. This device helps to reduce costs and attract new patients who are seeking less painful options for glucose monitoring.

Bio-Sensitive External Cardiac Monitoring
A vest with hundreds of bio-sensitive sensors is bringing high-level cardiac monitoring to clinics. When placed over a patient’s chest, this vest is sensitive to extra heart beats and other abnormalities without the use of invasive monitoring techniques. This technology allows patients to seek more comfortable, less intimidating attention for potential heart issues.

Patient Survey System
Questionnaires help determine the quality of care patients get, the level of satisfaction, and any other areas that may need improvement. This can give your clinic a leg up over competition. Providing patients an anonymous way to voice any concerns helps to identify potential liabilities, or determine ways to make your patients more comfortable. Contact a service like Opinionmeter to see how you can set up a real-time feedback option.

Image Guided Biopsies
Biopsies can be costly and painful for patients. New imaging technology is utilizing sensitive ultra-sound waves or high-tech MRI viewing to guide healthcare providers to the specific areas of concern. This allows for precise tissue harvesting while mitigating many of the risks associated with such surgery. An added benefit is the lowered cost of requiring only local anesthetic.

As technology moves ever forward, both patients and clinics benefit from greater efficiency, safer procedures, and increased access to services. Healthcare technology saves lives, improves services, and helps people to live longer and be happier.