Secure and Protect Your Google Account with 3 Easy Tips

Google is a readily accessible service, even more so when you have a Google account. Having one allows you to use even more of the service Google has in store for you; the most common of these services include Gmail. However, the Internet can be a more dangerous place than you think. The Google user has to watch out for several kinds of threats that can compromise your Google account exist, like the possibility of your account getting hacked and identity theft. If any of these were to happen to your Google account, the damage could be catastrophic.

No need to fret, however. You can still protect your Google account from these dangers. All you have to do to get started on securing and protecting your account is to follow these few tips so that you won’t have to worry about having anything happen to your account, like losing it to a stranger.

Tip 1: Monitor your account activities

The first tip would be to always monitor the activities of your account. You can do this by entering Gmail and checking the bottom of the inbox. There will be an indicator showing the date and time of when the account was last accessed. There is also a link below the indicator that will show you a history of IP addresses that has accessed your account. If you were to find an unusual IP address among the list, you can click on the alert button, which will alert you every time the IP address you tagged accesses your account.

Tip 2: Deny unwanted apps

The second tip would be to deny the permission of your unwanted apps. There are a number of different websites and apps that require permission from your account. This permission allows these sites and apps to access your Google account, even after you stopped using them. You can monitor the sites and apps you have by clicking “Account Settings” while on Google.

After entering your password, you will see a list of which sites and apps have access to your account. If you see a site or app that you don’t want to use anymore, you can deny it permission to access your account by clicking on the “Revoke access” button, removing it from the list.

Tip 3: Don’t share personal data, ever

This one sounds rather simple. Don’t share your personal account information with anyone, ever. You cannot really trust anyone on the Internet, so do not give out your account info when they ask you for it. However, while you don’t want to share your account around, your account might be sharing data without you knowing about it. To check this, enter your Dashboard, then click ‘visit the previous version of the Google accounts.’ From there, click on ‘Manage sharing of contact info,’ which lets you do just that, allowing you to stop your account from sharing info with other users.

And these are the 3 tips you can follow to secure and protect your Google account. Your Google account is a precious thing; make sure nothing happens to it by following these tips and you can avoid a lot of problems in the future.

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