Saving BlackBerry’s Life in Five Easy Tips

BlackBerrys are man’s best friends.  They may not replace dogs with regards to giving attention and love. But, you can certainly count on your BlackBerry to do almost anything. Your BlackBerry wakes you up in the morning, reminds you of important meetings, lets you check email and social networking accounts quickly, and receives your daily SMS and calls. Life can be tough and your BlackBerry is always there to help and guide you. So, the best way to keep in touch with your best friend is to keep it alive – rather keep its battery life longer.

Batteries are a vital component of the BlackBerry, or to any cellular phone. Without it, it can be just a toy phone. Some consider that energy consumption from the battery depends on the BlackBerry unit you are using. However, habit is the focal point in keeping your batteries alive.

Cash for BlackBerrys is really good but expect to get more cash if you keep the battery life energetic. Here are five tips that can help in saving battery life:


  • Connectivity Set-Ups Should Be Used Wisely

Normally, you can connect with other BlackBerry users by connecting to a Wi-Fi (Wireless-Fidelity Internet) or through Bluetooth. This lets you save more time and money compared to 3G, calls, or SMS. However, your BlackBerry phone will not last long to accompany you through the day if you keep your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options turned on. Turning on connectivity options will certainly consume battery life because your unit exerts effort looking for existing connections. So, easily turn them off by going into the “Manage connections” icon (it looks like a tower with halos around it) and click “Turn All Connections Off”.


  • Scan Your Notifications Profiles

Beeping and vibrating are probably the best notification profiles one can have with phones. When your phone beeps, you can tell a message has arrived. You may let the phone vibrate if you place it in Silent Mode. Yet, letting your phone vibrate strongly several times or send loud beeps may be too costly for your battery life. Setting your beep to its lowest volume or setting your phone to vibrate occasionally during Silent Mode may help save battery life. In order to alter your options, click the Profiles icon (that looks like a speaker). There, you may adjust various profile setting accordingly to your preferences – Loud, Normal, Quiet, Vibrate, and Phone-Off. You may also access advanced settings and modify notification options like email inbox, text message inbox, IM applications and more. You just click the corresponding icons and change it accordingly. Just remember, the less vibration, the more battery life.


  • Adjust Screen Backlight

Have you ever walked through a dark room? Did you think about using your BlackBerry as a flashlight? Well, I certainly did. Although, having your BlackBerry’s backlight as bright as a flashlight every time is no practical choice. In order to save battery life, adjust its brightness to minimum and for the shortest time possible. You can alter this by clicking the Screen/Keyboard option and setting your backlight to save as much battery life as possible. As your try to sell your unit, remember that you sell BlackBerrys, not flashlights.


  • Use Power-Drinking Apps Wisely

The more BlackBerry apps you use, the more power it needs to keep everything running. If you constantly use Facebook, Twitter, and RSS reader simultaneously, expect your battery life to die soon. If you need to keep your battery life as energetic as possible, use applications sparingly. However, some applications consume battery life even if not used. So, make sure you selectively choose applications and keep their numbers at a minimal.


  • Clean Battery Connections Occasionally

As your BlackBerry accompanies your through your everyday life, certain things would certainly accumulate dirt; and the batteries are no exception. Over time, battery connections collect dirt and other particles, which may be inconvenient in the long run. This means that the phone may need more power than what it usually needs because a small fraction of the metal and the metal prongs are covered with these unwanted particles that impede power transfer. Solve this problem by cleaning the battery conduits every few months. It’s as simple as when you sell used BlackBerry.

No matter what your BlackBerry unit is, it is only as good as its battery. So, take time to take care of your BlackBerry in order for it to take care of you in the long run.