Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Features For The Users

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-blackSamsung has adopted an Applesque policy of a tick-tock product iteration cycle with its latest Galaxy S4. Although the Galaxy S III had got a new design language which was later adopted on the entire version of the Galaxy phones, the Galaxy S4 has got the amazing hardware and software solutions. It can be said that the real innovation on software has launched in Galaxy S4. Moreover, it has added lots of features to Android and so now it’s hard to call it Android as it has got custom Touch Wiz experience.

The speculation is still going the round for the number of features that the Galaxy S4 has got. A spec sheet monster of sorts has been created by Samsung and after reading its list of features, an overwhelming response can be recorded with the amazing amount of features Samsung has offered in just one device.

Let’s take a look on the Samsung Galaxy S4 features:

  • Drama Shot: This amazing and wonderful feature allows the user to take 100 images in 4 seconds and the user can thereafter create a collage.
  • Dual-Shot: This feature in the camera of the phone activates both its cameras and allows the users to create a picture-in-picture type result. The placement of the image can be modulated by the user in the small box and allows the users to apply effects to them. This same goes for the video.
  • Sound Shot: The Sound Shot feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 is similar to the Zoe camera feature of the HTC One. This feature allows the user to click an image with audio embedded in it.
  • Air View: This feature allows the users to hover their finger above the display and with this, can control the device. For modulating the playback of a movie or music, with this feature on the Galaxy S4, one does not need the S-Pen or be used via their finger.
  • Air Gesture: This feature allows the users to control the Galaxy S4 with their gestures. This feature works when the user is not holding the device or unable to touch it and still wants to control it.
  • S-Travel: This feature is available on the Galaxy S4 as Samsung has tied up with Trip Advisor. With the help of this app, the users will be able to book the tickets.
  • S-Health: The phone features a thermometer and a pedometer which is first of a kind for a Smartphone. It can be uses via S-Health which monitors the users’ body temperature, movements, and daily habits. An accessory called the S-Band will also be offered by Samsung that will work via Bluetooth with the S-Health app.
  • S-Translate: This feature allows translates the spoken sentences into another language and it can even translate in text. It allows the translation into nine different languages but unfortunately, Hindi language is not included in it.
  • Knox: This feature gives the phone a split personality of sorts by allowing the users to silo their personal content and professional content.
  • Smart Pause: The video automatically gets paused when the user looks off the screen.
  • Smart Scroll: Without doing anything, the users can scroll the contents as the front camera is busy in some face recognition which detects where the user is actually looking and the user needs to tilt the phone to scroll.
  • Group Play: It allows users to share video, audio and pictures with others having Galaxy S4 without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


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This guest article has been composed by Christy Root who works for PrePayMania. She loves to update herself with different mobile technologies.