Role of S.E.O in Website Popularity

The increased use of internet has given enterprises a vast field for their advertisement. The advertisement which was given on T.V and through hand bills can be published on the website now. Nearly all the businesses have their own website. Making the website is the initial step of communication through internet. A website is useless if there is no traffic on it. When you have made your website and you want people to know about it, S.E.O plays an important role in that matter.

Some might be thinking what is S.E.O.?

S.E.O (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing the results of a search engine in our favor. The search engines have various methods of finding a relevant site in result of a research. The website which is most popular is placed on the first page of it.

How S.E.O works?

In S.E.O there are a lot of methods of getting the attention of a search engine. These methods are some activities which give activity signals to the search engine. They enforce it to give some special treatment to the website. Search engine shows websites in a result with accordance to the key words which are searched. If someone has searched the word “removals”, search engines will see the ranking of that specific key word with relevance to different sites. And the website having the most ranking will be shown first. A S.E.O analyst has to figure out the words which are mostly searched by the Public. The optimization is done using those keywords. These words should be used on the onsite content of the website (means that the main website should contain those words) and they are also used in the submissions of various articles and blogs. This increases the rank of that word for that website.

How it can make website popular?

Creating a website is a waste of time and money if your target audience is not getting any benefit from it. There was a time when people don’t have any idea of website promotion and making a website was considered enough. It doesn’t matter how interesting information you got on your site or how many services you are offering, if a person doesn’t know about the existence of something how can he get benefit from it?? The purpose and objective of search engine optimization is to make the website well known for the people. It will bring traffic on your website and create an impact that the users have to visit you again is the responsibility of website. The information or services should be good enough that the user will feel pleased after visiting your page and will help you in natural link building.

What is Natural Link Building?

Link building is an important part of off-site optimization. Search engines like Google rank the web page with relevance to the number and quality of the links which are pointing to that website. In the beginning of search engine optimization the key to success was numerous links regardless to their Quality. A link from a high ranked website is given more importance then a lot of links from low P.R websites. Also, irrelevant links are now considered bad habit and are not given any regard.

Natural link building has always been in the good books of search engines. A website can get a quality link from some high ranked website by guest post. It is beneficial for both parties as it increase the traffic on both sites.

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