Resurrecting a Laptop

Like everything else in this world, we all have limited time. Our laptops are no exception. One day, we’ll find that our laptops won’t work anymore, even if it’s just a couple of years old. It just won’t turn on!

Well what do you do? Can you bring your laptop back from the dead? Like some kind of voodoo mumbo jumbo, you can resurrect your laptop and make it useful again.

If you have a broken laptop, there are some things you can do.

Exception to the rule: If the screen is busted or there’s some serious damage done to the laptop, then just buy a whole new machine.


Reinstall Windows

One of the first things to break down on you is the software. If you find that the software is getting buggy, you might have a virus. Sometimes, an antivirus is not enough to get things fixed because the damage has been done.

The best way to amend this is to perform a clean wipe, which is to reinstall Windows. Naturally, this doesn’t apply only to Windows users, but to Mac users and other operating systems as well.

Install a New Hard Drive

If the operating system is fine but performance is suddenly lagging, your hard drive might be the culprit. When a hard drive gets worn down, performance suffers. Simple folders take a long time to load, booting up takes a couple of minutes longer than before. In general, a busted hard drive slows down your computer.

If you find that your hard drive is already busted, then it’s time to pop in a new one. A new hard drive with a faster RPM will do the trick. When the RPM is faster, performance is also faster. It’ll basically give you better all – around performance.

Another thing you can do is install solid state drives. Currently, solid state drives are the trend when it comes to increasing computer performance. They are significantly faster than hard drives. They increase loading times, and everything else. A high – end computer with a solid state drive can do a cold boot in just 30 seconds!


Adding RAM is one of the simplest upgrades a laptop user can do. All that is required is opening up the back panel, swapping out the old RAM and installing the new one.

The reason why many people install RAM first before doing any other upgrade is because it is cheap. You can purchase RAM sticks for a very low price, and the benefits are instantly felt.

Computers with more RAM can do plenty of stuff at the same time. For example, you can open two browsers at once with plenty of tabs open, while still playing games!

You can run two different programs at the same time and you can instantly switch between them.


Here are the three easiest tips you can use to resurrect a fallen laptop. Not only are they easy to follow, they really don’t require any spending either.