Steps to Remove Recycle bin from Desktop in Windows 10

Are you searching for a way to remove the Recycle bin in Windows 10? All factors considered it is very to understand and implement. This informative article provides the solution for the same as follows:

Have you seen the recycle bin icon present on the desktop of your Windows 10 computer?. The answer would be NO. Therefore, It is always preferred to hide the recycle bin icon from the Windows 10 Desktop while performing a clean\fresh installation of the Windows OS.

At times it becomes very confusing and difficult for many users to understand the fact that “Why the recycle bin can’t be removed by right-clicking & press delete (The same way it was done in windows vista).

In Windows 10, The process is little complicated as the location for the recycle bin has been changed in windows 10. But, Still, there is a way to delete the recycle bin in windows.

The process to remove recycle bin from Desktop in Windows 10 OS

    • Goto the “Settings”. Use the combination Win + I Keyboard combination to open it.
    • On the “Personalization settings”, Click on the “Theme” settings.
    • On the right-hand side, Navigate & Click on the “Desktop Icon Settings”.
    • The Desktop Icon settings can be seen right now. Here, you are required to uncheck the text box corresponding to the “Recycle Bin” text label.
    • Click on the “Apply” button and then click on the “OK” Button.
    • Now, The Recycle bin icon would be removed from the Desktop from your Windows 10 Operating System. As it removed from my system as shown below:

Also, You can easily hide desktop icons available on the Windows 10 Operating System along with folders, files, and images. For this, you can simply right-click the item and on the view, tab unselects the “Show Desktop Icon” checkbox.

So, By following this process you can easily hide the desktop items. Also, in order to view the icons back, you need to follow the same process again.

Note: Always be aware that the “tick” icon means that the icon can be seen on the desktop. Also if there is no tickmark then the icon would not be visible.

That’s All!!!!

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