The Publishers House Cleaning Scam. A Scam worth $8000

What is Publishers House Cleaning?

Publishers House Cleaning is a marketing company based in America. The company uses subscriptions and reward games and merchandise to make a profit. It is a very high profile company, and people all over America are very well aware of it. Although this company has been filed with many lawsuits over the years for misleading their customers about the odds of winning and providing clear details, it has a huge customer base all over America, and people seem to be really happy with it.

What is Publishers House CleaningScam?

This huge company had to face many problems too. Many scammers took advantage of their big name and strategy to lure people in.

Around 2017, there were a series of cases that opened the company and the police’s eyes. People started receiving calls that they had won the biggest prize, which was of $3 Million. Some of them believed them. Among these was a 90-year-old woman who thought she actually won the lottery. When she called the number back, she was requested to deposit $800 in order to get her cash prize. She deposited the money hoping that she would receive her prize, but then the guy asked for another payment. The woman’s family interfered and knew right away that it was a scam. The scam wasn’t over yet. The scammer even tried to replace the locks of the house so that he could break in and out freely. However, this was denied by the police and everything ended safely. This is known as the Publishers House Cleaning Scam. Numerous of the same cases have been reported by families over the years. The police and Publishers House Cleaning has done a great job to change their strategies and catch the scammers. It is all safe now, and the prized are informed face to face so that no confusion may occur. The company has advised all its customers to stay alert and avoid being scammed by double checking with the original source before they make any payment.