Problems in Resetting Windows 10 PC – 2018 Edition


In this informative article, we are going to troubleshoot the problem while resetting the windows 10 PC. Windows 10 is one the best-operating systems created in the Windows Operating system lineup. Microsoft has included all the possible scenarios to handle almost every situation. It has multiple useful apps to start with along with the user settings that can be utilized in order to maximize the performance.

In Windows 10, There are multiple troubleshooting options available to handle the bugs and issues faced while using the operating system. Although these troubleshooters can easily handle the bugs at times it is required to reset the Windows 10 operating system.

Problems faced while resetting the Windows 10 PC?

There are certain problems that are faced by the user while performing the task to reset the Windows 10 Operating system. The most common error faced by the user is:

“There was a problem refreshing my Windows 10 PC”

In case if you have been facing the same issue in your Windows 10 Operating System. Then you can certainly try the following method for troubleshooting the problem. So, let’s get started with the following method:

  • Reboot the System
    Firstly, it is suggested that before doing any further troubleshooting. Please try to reboot your Windows 10 OS. This method mostly fixes all the issues.
  • Disable and Enable Recovery Environment
    Many experts quote that disabling and enabling the recovery Environment fixes the issue. This can be done as follows:
    Start with the Elevated command prompt and proceed with the following commands:
    To Disable Recovery Environment
    1. reagentc /disable
    a) Click on “Enter” button.
    b) A message prompt as “Operation Successful” would appear.
    c) To Enable Recovery Environment
    2. reagentc/disable
    a) Click on “Enter” button.
    b) A message prompt as “Operation Successful” would appear.
    c) Type the command “exit” command to abort the command prompt.
  • Now, Restart the machine and try again to reset the computer.
    1. Perform a System File scan
    2. Start with the Elevated command prompt again & type the following commands:
    sfc \ scannow
    Now again try and reset your Windows 10 PC. If in case the problem in resetting the system still persists, then type the following commands on the command terminal:
    cd %windir%\system32\config
    ren System .001
    ren software.001
    Now, Type the “exit” command to abort the command prompt window. Now, Restart the machine. Try the reset process again. The problem would be solved by now otherwise try the next method:
  • Reset by using Advanced Startup Options
    Some users suggested that when they reset the system using the Advanced Startup Options the process would be completed successfully. You can try the following method as well:
    a) Firstly access the “Advanced Startup Options Menu” in Windows 10 OS. In this Troubleshooting screen, Click on the “Reset your PC”.
    b) The Reset process will start right after clicking the “Reset this PC” button.
  • Reset using the Bootable USB stick
    This Windows Operating System is very easy to reset. You can even use a Windows 10 Bootable device to reset the operating system:During the process, It is required: It is required to keep the check on the edition of windows installed, version and system architecture. With this, a Windows 10 installation media can be created. After the successful reboot, Try again to reset the system.
  • New Installation of Windows 10
    In case, none of the methods are helpful to fix the issue. Then, the final solution is a new and fresh installation of Windows 10.


In this article, We have discussed all the methods available to fix the issue while resetting the Windows 10 OS Computer.

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