PPC Best Practices for Beginners

A strategically optimized PPC ad campaign can be an invaluable asset for an online business; pouring leads, driving traffic and converting clicks into customers. Therefore, every digital marketer, whether he is a beginner or a seasoned pro, must familiarize himself with the PPC best practices and the current trends in the paid-search territory of digital marketing.

In this article, we will introduce beginners to the most crucial search engine marketing campaign- PPC, and share all the best practices that will help you maximize the results from your marketing campaigns. From ways to master your ad copy to developing a search engine and mobile friendly paid search campaigns, this guide will render actionable insights to get started with PPC on the right foot.

Keyword Research 

Keywords play a significant role in all the search engine marketing campaigns. Google’s keyword planner tool is an excellent way to finding the right keywords that convert. Enlisted below are a few ways that can help you find just the right set of keywords to boost your conversion rate:

  • Run multiple searches for the keywords, browsing through all the related topics. This will help you get a substantial amount of quality keywords.
  • Use a lot of negative keywords during your research to increase the quality of recommended keywords.
  • Steer clear of general searches that are too general. Rather than generic terms like buy, video or how to, go for terms that reflect the benefits of your products or services. You search terms should stress the potential need of what you are offering.
  • Focus on quality keywords instead of quantity.

Once you have found the perfect keywords for your campaign, sort then in Ad groups.Doing proper keyword research is crucial for a successful PPC campaign, so if you’re completely new to this and you’re afraid to mess things up, it might be even better to hire a PPC marketing agency. 

Master the Ad Copy 

Your keyword research won’t be fruitful without a great ad copy. Focus on writing compelling ads that entice the readers to click and explore your offerings. A persuasive ad copy allows you to achieve a good cost per lead and ROI. Furthermore, your ad copy also influences your keyword level Quality Score, which ultimately helps in achieving a higher position on search pages.

A standard Google search ad comprises of one hidden and four visible fields.

Visible fields include:

  • The heading, which is a maximum of 25 characters;
  • The first description line with 35 characters’ maximum;
  • The second description line- 35 characters; and
  • The display URL- 35 characters. It must include the root domain of your site. 

Note: Bing search engine also features the same structure but with only one description line of 71 characters.

Here are some tips on writing effective ad text:

  • Focus on the brand and products you are promoting and try to find out which features of your brands will be the most appealing for your target audience.
  • Start with an attention-grabbing line, include keywords and finish with a call to action in your ad to tell the customers what you want them to do.
  • Make your ad copy benefit driven.

Choosing the campaign settings

Selecting the right settings for setting up an ad campaign on the search engine plays a major role in its overall effectiveness. Your account structure affects the quality score and also determines its performance on the search engines. Take note of the following campaign structure and best practices to ensure that the campaign settings are configured correctly.

  • Choose the locations where you want your ad to be shown. Also, if you are planning to target an audience that speaks different languages, make sure you configure the settings for that as well.
  • Next, you need to optimize where you want your ads to show on the internet. New advertisers must start with Google.com, which is the broadest network of viewers. You must also pay attention to the device settings which allows you to choose and customize the devices where you would want your ads to show. You can opt for separate mobile campaigns or select all devices.
  • Moving on to the most important setting- bidding and budget. Setting the daily budgets too high can exhaust your monthly campaign budget too fast and making the daily budget too low will not allow you to use the ads to their maximum potential. For a perfect daily budget, you must find a balance somewhere in the middle. The best way is to divide your budget by the number of days in a month. You can then split that amount between all your campaigns.
  • As far as bidding is concerned, you can start with focusing on clicks and manually bidding for clicks.
  • In the advanced setting section, focus on the ad delivery option. The preferred way is to show your ads in a rotation so that Google can display them more evenly.

Maintenance and Optimization

To maximize the performance of an ad campaign, an effective optimization strategy is a must. Here, it must be noted that every account requires a customized strategy for optimization, which will depend on the account’s performance and how it has been built. To get you started, we have listed some of the best practices that can be used in all accounts for better performance.

  • Scrutinize the search term reports and try to look for long tail search keywords (search terms with more than three words) that you can add to your ad campaigns. Long tail keywords are very targeted and also don’t have huge search volumes, but at the same time,they have the potential to convert at a better CPA. Also, try finding terms that can be used as negative keywords. This will help decrease the money that is being used on irrelevant search terms.
  • Monitor the geographic performance of your ads very closely so that you can apply geographic bid modifiers based on the performance review.
  • Find out what ads are performing the best by running periodic ad tests. Trying new variations can improve your CTR or conversions.

The tips mentioned above should help you get started with your ad campaigns. Once it is up and running you can keep researching for better techniques and strategies to improve its performance. Apart from that, a PPC marketing agency can also help you better understand the working of ad campaigns and ways to boost your marketing efforts.