All about Paparazzi Jewelry Scam

Paparazzi Jewelry is a very well-known online store that is famous for selling cheap customized jewelry items that are around $5 or less than that. It is nothing out of the ordinary for the world of internet scams. Some people may consider it very smart, but the only off point about paparazzi jewelry is that they are bent on pushing the consultant packages more than the actual items people want to purchase from them. It completely means that paparazzi jewelry scam is an illegal and MLM company that is making loads and loads of money only from their abilities to force people into buying products from them in bulk and to help them make a name out of committing only deceit.

They work by telling people that if they buy any one of their kits from their webpage, they will soon be connected to a consultant in their area who will help them in selling all kinds of items from that kit enabling you to get back our original amount and a little profit to top that off. The twist in this logic is that it makes you the aspiring consultant who is the actual customer of the company and not some affiliate from the website owners.  It is highly doubtful that you will get to make money out of something like this. You may be able to make some sales, but nobody can go far with it. This happens due to so many reasons such as your geographic location, the type of the product and the amount of commission you are taking for yourself.

Paparazzi jewelry is not a scam; rather it is an MLM company that is legally not related to fraud or scam. The only problem with this business model is that it ignores all the advantages that a person can get from affiliate marketing and the website doesn’t provide much benefit to their customers as well. A person should be able to make lots of money from affiliate marketing and should be free to start up his/her own business in any industry they want. They should be able to choose the products they want to sell and never risk their finances to buy up the inventory. Instead of being affiliated with paparazzi jewelry, you can start your own jewelry blog and then sell out accessories and other items through different affiliate marketing programs that already exist.

Paparazzi jewelry pressurizes you into buying lots of stuff from them so they can add you up in the team, but even if you want to work with them, you do not need a team to earn money. Capitalizing a huge inventory is also no, no when it comes to paparazzi jewelry because you are only purchasing a jewelry kit for a mere five dollars and then reselling it to make a profit out of it. The amount of investment completely depends on your goals alongside the hidden costs and fees they don’t tell you beforehand so you can keep your order. It is better to think about other options than paparazzi jewelry scam and new ways of making money, but everyone has a different perspective over such issues and in the end, the only thing that matters is your verdict regarding this issue.