Overview of Reliance Jio – A Digital Ecosystem

Reliance Industries Limited’s telecom arm Reliance Jio is set to launch commercially later this year. Offering high-speed 4G data, voice calling, and content streaming platforms, Jio’s vision is to become an all-encompassing digital ecosystem.

Reliance Jio

This upcoming telecom and broadband service provider has been devised with a superior digital experience in mind. The Jio ecosystem is to offer smart devices in addition to the broadband, applications, and quality services. What acts as a beneficial factor for Reliance Jio is its extent in terms of the geographical coverage of India.

The three principles

In order to achieve its goal of becoming the preferred telecom provider offering affordable 4G in India, Jio relies on three principles namely coverage, quality, and affordability.

  1. Coverage

Reliance Jio presently is the sole owner of the largest pan-India spectrum and intends on widening its reach to over 90% of the Indian population.

  1. Quality

Equipped with Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology for its wireless services, Jio offers HD call quality along with a superior 4G data experience. Jio boasts of proving the highest peak download speed, buffer-less video streaming, and a seamless real-time gaming experience.

  1. Affordability

In order to enable all sections of society to gain access to Jio services, affordability plays a key role in Jio’s strategy. I It offers quality services to a wide extent, along with low costs which help garner a large consumer base.

Chairman Speaks

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), explained how Jio is an attempt to unite the people of India to join the digital India movement. The Jio team intends on creating an experience that is fully recognized and wholeheartedly accepted by the Indian people.

Jio applications

The entire range of Jio apps is yet to be released to the public. Certain apps are only available on purchase and registration of the user’s Jio IDs.

Here are some of the most promisingJio apps

Jio Join

Jio Join allows non-LTE enabled phones to carry out VoLTE and data calls seamlessly by facilitating support.

JioOn Demand

JioOn Demand allows users to browse through more than 600 movies in addition to television shows and music videos. It also offers content in several languages.Moreover, the extensive collection of movies is what helps set this application apart from other applications in the market.

Jio Mags

One of the Jio appsis Jio Mags which grants access to a plethora of magazine genres like travel, fashion, technology, lifestyle and much more. You may browse through a particular magazine as well as its previous editions.

Awaiting its commercial launch, Reliance Jio is attracting customers through its quality applications and preview offers. The applications are helping Jio drive traffic to all its varied offerings. This also goes a long way in increasing awareness of Jio in the minds of the consumers.