Organizational Tools You Must Have

The key to success lies in the notion of organization. It doesn’t matter how long your work hours are, all that should ever count is the effective work and work that gets done. This means that you can have all the time in the world and do not manage to do a thing while you can have quite the tight schedule and achieve everything in due time. As we already stated before the key lies in organization. Organizing yourself is one of the most difficult tasks that you may try to accomplish however coordinating with other people and organizing them effectively can sometimes be an even harder task.

You need the right tools

What you need to make this happen is the right set of organizational tools as well strong will and determination to see it through. With the right resolve, you could entrust all of these organizational methods to the simple, traditional solution of pen and paper but in the early 21st century there is no need for this. This question of paper vs. application is a never-ending debate. Simply do some research on the engines, programs and applications that may help you organize yourself and others better and start using them to your own advantage. Here are some organizational tools that you may find useful.

Create a table

As mentioned before, with nothing more than a pen, a piece of paper and the right plan you can organize your time flawlessly. Creating a table is by far the best and the most effective way of doing this so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and apply this in practice. Access Google Sheet via your browser or simply install Microsoft Office on your computer and use Excel to create tables that will help you organize your time and work most effectively.

Although it is true that you can also create a table in some other, simpler, programs Excel has other benefits that all work to your advantage once you master them. Now, it is true that this program is easy to use yet quite difficult to master, still with the right amount of resolve anything can be achieved. Enlist on one of the inexpensive, expedient yet highly efficient excel training courses and achieve not only this skill that is invaluable in the modern world but also a great asset to your CV as well.

Google Calendar

The most important thing in any line of work is meeting deadlines. Even in the most monotonous workplace, there is something that needs to get done in a period of time. It is a funny fact that most of the deadlines are missed not because there was too much work and too little time but because people tend to forget about them. Do not allow this to happen to you because sometimes repercussions can be quite fatal on your business or career. Use Google Calendar to organize your time in the future as well as to make sure that you never forget or miss a deadline in your life!


When working in groups however, things tend to become quite more complicated. The importance of meeting deadlines is still present, however the issue of organization needs to be addressed a bit more seriously. This is where Basecamp steps up. With the proper use of this program you can invite a smaller or medium sized group of people on a project and through simple yet effective system of to-do lists and individual task discussions create an effective communication system. Another crucial thing and a great advantage of Basecamp lies in the fact that deadlines are quite transparent and easy to follow.

In business of any kind, be it corporate or private enterprise, the most important thing is being ahead of the curve. Numerous unaccomplished would name the determining factors luck or fate when there is so much that is in your hands and your hands alone. Organization is the first step towards success and you would be wise to dedicate as much time, effort and attention to it as you possibly can.