Online Backup Services Summary

Through extensive research and developing a specific testing protocol for each service, has released their findings on the best online backup services. In their findings, they report IDrive as the best overall service for online backups. They started with a comparison of more than 30 services and eliminated those that didn’t meet the criteria. Several services were reviewed, including Acronis, Crashplan, SOS Online Backup and SpiderOakONE.

The contenders were put up against a strict set of criteria that’s representative of what someone needing the service for personal use would need. This means that services catering to small or medium business were out. The thinking here is that most people using the service for individual or family use wouldn’t opt for a business-oriented offering considering the higher costs paid for features not needed for private use.

How They Were Evaluated

The first set of criteria that had to be met was a minimum of one terabyte of storage. That’s a very high limit compared to other cloud services that have users cherry-pick what files they want to upload. The terabyte requirement actually makes a lot of sense in context: The reviewers were evaluating services that made full-machine backups, rather than services that act as file lockers.

Then they moved on to customer service. Service providers were scored based on common service needs, such as chat support and user guides. While this criteria can be subjective, the backup solutions were being graded relative to one another, so the same amount of services received marks for great, good or average customer service. The lowest-ranking services in this category were then eliminated.

The next area of evaluation was security. Given how much information security has been in the news, it makes sense that security was treated as a priority in this review. The requirement for moving forward was whether the service offered local backups and the option for users to create an encryption key.

Finally, the reviewers evaluated the ease-of-use for each service. The criteria included whether the service could be accessed by multiple devices, whether there was a mobile app for the device and how easy their website was to navigate. In short, the evaluation was based on how much red tape users would run into when trying to access the service.

Who Won?

While IDrive was ranked as the best service overall, others received recognition based on areas of excellence that some users might value. For instance, SOS Online Backup was rated as the best in terms of upload speeds. This means it might be more valuable for an individual looking to backup large amounts of routine data where security or customer service isn’t as important as speed. Similarly, SpiderOakONE received praise as offering the highest level of privacy and security. Again, there is a large subsection of users who will prioritize security over all others attributes.

The consensus among their team was that IDrive offered the best mix of attributes. With such uniform criteria, this is a strong endorsement. The article is well worth a read for anyone considering an online backup service, as each reader can narrow down the options that make sense for them as they read along. Check out their full review: