OLX – where buyers meet sellers

logo-OLXIf you are looking to buy a phone, or want to sell your old car, just go online and post an advertisement on OLX. Soon you will see people searching for you.  OLX is a classified site that acts as a bridge amongst the buyers and sellers. OLX has different URL for each country for example olx india is for Indian users. Now many of you might be unfamiliar about classified site. A classified site is nothing but just an online format of traditional newspaper classifieds. The same motive is served here, those who want to sell something post their ads and those who want to purchase search for the items, or vice versa. But these sites do serve a great platform “Where Buyers meet sellers”.

What is OLX?

OLX is an Argentina based company that stands for Off Line X-press. The company has its India office located in Mumbai. Currently,  OLX  is serving more than 90 countries of the world in different languages. The range of categories provided at this site is much more than any other online classified; therefore, OLX arrives as the first preference for anyone who desire to post his advertisement over the internet. Unlike other classified websites that deal more through internet,  OLX  creates a bridge between buyer and seller in real world.

How it works?

OLX is perhaps the most user-friendly and easy-to-use website. The working is very easy as whenever someone wants to sell something, all he needs to do is to go on the site, create an advertisement, make it attractive using images and provide his contact details. The site picks some keywords from the advertisement and whenever someone searches for those keywords, it displays the results in form of available advertisement. Thus, the buyer gets a number of options with exact features and specifications of the particular product, along with the contact details of the seller.

Why OLX?

There are quite many online classified sites available out there but  OLX  stand far ahead from all of them. This is due to the network and market reach of OLX that covers a vast range of area and greatest range of categories. One more thing that attracts the users is its well managed classes and easy navigation. You search for the product using search option, and it will be on your computer screen. Alternatively, you can browse through different categories and can reach to the desired product. The site categorizes the items according to their price, model, brand, condition (new/used) etc. Searching the items thus become very comfortable for the buyers.

Other features of OLX :

There are quite a few other features that make  OLX  the first choice while placing an advertisement. The site is completely free to use. You can post as many advertisements as you want. There is no registration required in order to post the ad thus you can accomplish your task without any hassle. OLX can also be accessed using your mobile or smartphone, thus reaches to a greater audience. The social connectivity of OLX provides you with an opportunity to publicise your ad over social media, to increase its use. All these factors make  OLX  the finest option when it comes to buy or sell anything.

If you have been sitting around your TV set these days, you would have come across some funny yet effective ads saying “Sab Kuch Bikta Hai”. The ad is about OLX.in. The TV advertisement campaign of  OLX  started in 2011 and since then, many TV ads have been launched, where different people selling their products. In fact, the slogan “Bech De…” used in those ads has become an anthem over various social media.