Must-Have Wi-Fi Solutions for Modern Times


Boman Rustom Irani

Who wouldn’t want a hassle-free and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection for a rewarding browsing or surfing experience? Moreover, who wouldn’t want secure wireless Internet connections? Here are must-have Wi-Fi solutions using top wireless software tools available today.



Basic Software


Browse a search engine for “wireless tools” and a vast range of options greet the searcher. Among them are basic software for secure and safe connections. A good number is also about cracking and hacking tools to hinder or ruin secure and safe connections. Thus, among must-have Wi-Fi solutions are top wireless software tools on basic security.


This is worth knowing about since laptop basic utility helps monitor and check on the wide range of entry or access points available around the locale of a surfer. An example is a troubleshooting device called inSSIDer. It is a fundamental remedy for signal problems and obstructions coming from other nearby access points. It gives notice to other online signal devices found in a particular broadcasting locale through the use of SSID. It’s definitely among must-have Wi-Fi solutions for signal strength.


This device, among top wireless software tools many experts recommend, is good for all Windows versions. When deciding which dependable AP to link to when in an open or public place, this tool does well for sorting out the legit from the rogue.


Advanced Software


A bit advanced is what experts call the Wi-Fi Inspector, which does the job of the inSSIDer in accurate detail. When charting the distance and direction of other access points, this device is a big help. It comes with Geiger Counter features like rapid beeps when other access points come into contact. This is useful especially for pinpointing a rogue location in one’s locale. Thus, it’s definitely a must-have for security and makes online surfing experience lots safer.


If a troubleshooting need for connections arises, the software also prove quite useful. This device promotes the speed of Internet connectivity plus the quality of service apps offered by home access points. Thus, it helps the user monitor the local radio milieu on a regular basis and not just occasionally.


Secure Roaming Software


Among top software tools for strong online connection are those intended to handle wireless safety or security in open or public places. These places are considered the riskiest when getting online connectivity with a laptop. Many surfers still ignore this safety need and discover its importance too late. It’s high time to stress the consequence of this negligence.


Access Locator Software


The name of the software obviously defines its importance: online Access Locator. It pinpoints where online connectivity access points are, whether free or paid, and adds the feature to users, too. This is made possible through the use of free and secure directory maps; trusted and secure access points are easily located. With this tool, laptop users need not wonder whether the connection they get is friendly or not. Connection configuration between the laptop and access points is rendered easier and faster, making it impressive even with sign-ins on webpages which certain access points reject. Moreover, auto-connections, ever a risky business in public spaces online, can be made more secure.


It is a fact that merely going online and visiting websites, even for a few seconds, can prove quite risky. What more connecting to access locators and providers for laptops and tablets where the connectivity goes public online? This exposes laptops and other such devices to potential security dangers that may prove very damaging or worse, spell death to a laptop. Thus, it is vital to consider dependable and powerful software tools not just for convenience but for a safe and secure enjoyment of the Net as well.


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