Monitoring Cell Phones Now Becoming Legal

Iphone Spy MonitoringIn the state of Missouri new provisions regarding individual security are now being put into place. These new security measures come in the form of a bill which will legalize the act of cell phone monitoring by agencies and other law enforcement agencies. The purpose of this bill is that it will make it easier for agencies or the police and such institutes to locate and help people in the case of emergencies, by emergencies the bill refers to circumstances such as those of 9/11. In such a case where someone’s life is at stake the involved authorities will have the right to make use of surveillance methods or tracking technology in order to help the person. It was back in March that this bill was first produced in the House. Since then it has made progress and has now been approved by the Senate, this means that now a real change will soon be in action.

It is true that this sort of a change does in a manner raise questions about privacy and the fact that some users may not be comfortable with this change in law. However the matter of privacy does not encompass the fact that in an emergency situation, life is more important than that person’s privacy. There is after all, no use in keeping your privacy if you won’t live on. For example, in the case of seventeen-year-old Kelsey Smith, a teenager who was kidnapped and her location was unknown for a number of days. This case happened in 2007, and four days after the Kelsey went missing her dead body was found in Missouri. No one can say where she had vanished to, or who is to blame, but now she has passed away, and if it had been possible to use cell phone tracking technology to trace her down, there is a high chance that she may have had been found alive after those four days.

Hers was not the first case, and is certainly not the last in where knowing information such as the location of someone can be critically important to them and their friends and family, with this bill now passed and authorities now having this capability it can be hoped that such events can be minimized in the future. As cell phone service providers and authorities work together saving lives and minimizing the level of danger someone is in can be anticipated to increase.

It may come as a bit of a surprise to some people but the very information which this bill aims to make easily attainable to law enforcement agencies is in fact already available to them. Cell phone service providers do in fact already put forward this information to such institutes when need be, for situation when this information can be put to good use. However this is in the case that the respective service provider chooses to, or willingly, does so. The difference now is that even if a service provider does not wish to share this information with the police for example, they are bound to provide this information by law, more specifically this bill. It will now be compulsory for firms to share this information with agencies and as a result current law suits which may be held against firms for having shared this information with a legal institute would no longer hold a valid argument.

Even though in the past there are not many instances in which a firm may have refused to work with the police or intelligence for the good of the people and someone’s life, however this bill will outline the possibility that it never happens.