Mobile Apps for the Android Fan

Mobile Apps for the Android Fan

This Is One Obsession You Wouldn’t Want to Cure!

Can’t get enough of Android phones and mobile apps?

However pathological the obsession proves to be, you don’t have wallow in the pits of shame and guilt.
So what if you live by the most recent updates of Android technology? Or if your plasma and blood
corpuscles are composed of teeny-weeny factoids about the best Android app for managing your files,
locating the nearest gas station, or customizing your alert feeds? There is nothing specifically wrong with
your condition. With the right operational skills, you can turn around the situation, and have it work to
your advantage.

Who says being a die-hard Android fan is inane and useless?

Given that you have a sleek Android phone, and you seem to be bludgeoned by too many apps and are swamped with conflicting choices on what mobile apps
to download from the Android Market, you can consult the list below for top Android apps that can be installed on every Android smartphone.

For the unstoppable workaholic in us and for those who want to buy a mansion on Eagles Landing Lane or on Middlesex Road through our sweat and blood
(snot included):

  • Thinking Space: Take your mind-mapping strategies to a different level minus the intricacies of synapses and neurological terms.
    Create maps by connecting ideas, concepts, and thoughts to   make the interpretation of relationship easy and not coma-inducing.
    Get the app for $4.
  • GTasks: To date, multi-tasking is so mainstream. For once, let’s stop thinking that we belong to the Phylum Arthropoda and juggle
    too many responsibilities and tasks at once. Manage your tasks with Gtasks by downloading the app free.

For the tech-savvy users whose airtight formulation of fun resides in the different browsers you can launch for web surfing:

  • Article52.jpg image by qzcolipsDolphin Browser HD: This fun app has tabs, gesture-based navigation, and plug-ins. This is far better than any native app specially
    made for browsing, and it can be installed free!
  • Article53.jpg image by qzcolipsBookmarklet: Using one browser alone is a bland way of using an Android handset. Now you can share web pages with various social
    media sharing sites like Facebook,  Twitter, Digg, etc. A fine way to signify your continued existence.

For the users who aspire to become professional photographers:

  • Picasa Tool Pro: Say no more to the hassle of maximum storage capacity of emails and file sharing plug-ins! You can now upload your
    articles by batch and browse through you albums,  photos, and comments.

For the obsessive-compulsive ones who- instead of taking Prozac- can turn the tables and make every hellish situation a glorious and precedented one:

  • ConvertMe: This app is for the unknown mathematicians who struggle in pursuit of the ‘Eureka’ moment: Solutions to simple mathematical
    problems shouldn’t always be Archimedes-like! (As far as I know, WolframAlpha- the mathematical search engine- can do it. Imagine how
    many nearly failing grades have been salvaged through this tool!) Don’t go in the nude and try to determine the volume of an object by
    submerging it underwater and measuring the amount of water displaced during the process. ConvertMe is a handy app that converts currencies
    and computes difficult polynomial equations in a snap! You can get this app for free.

These are just some of the apps you can download to maximize the potential of your Android phone. Enjoy the selection process and be proud that
you are stricken with the Android fever.