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viber-logoCommunication and file-sharing have never been cheaper and more appealing. More than two users may share a call or may gain access to several files uploaded online. Settings for these files may be fixed to either private or public viewing.  Nowadays, individuals and businesses seek for applications developed for communicating and synchronizing files and documents.  Various applications and services are available for download, and many of them are offered for free. Additional space and storage or modifications come with cheap rates. Most are offered with “$0.99 a month”.

Having Wi-Fi installed at homes and offices has been very useful for clients who seek efficient communication. PBX (private branch exchange) has been continuously developed and innovated to meet the concerns of users. Individuals who are needed to be in the office but are, say, out of town or not available have “online meetings” or “online conference calls”. Urgent matters no longer have to wait. Long-distance calls are no longer charged with variable unit costs, as long as the client has an established Wi-Fi connection and the necessary application to complete the call. If then, a minute of long-distance call costs half a dollar, now it comes with a monthly fixed payment for the client’s Wi-Fi connection. Establishing branch offices in different and far locations becomes more convenient.

iOS and Android devices offer cheap and user-friendly applications and programs to meet these purposes. These programs are fairly easy to install since they no longer require CDs or setups. Also, these applications are downloadable for various types of devices. Some applications are modified according to the device being used and require little from the user’s device. Back then, many applications require other built-in software or a specific operating system; now, more and more applications have become independent.

Among the trending applications for mobile phones are Facebook for mobile, Twitter for mobile, Viber, Skype, and Dropbox. Photo uploads, status updates, and video and voice calls are no longer “long-distance”. Updates on the latest developments of various companies and corporations are posted online. Links to these files are also easily shared. News & information posted in other websites contain links such as “share on Facebook” or “tweet about”.

Facebook Like Pages are updated daily. Twitter uses hashtags and verifications (for well-known and public figures) to make trends more visible.  This has also made information more noticeable. Facebook has recently developed the same feature.

Viber and Skype have made texting and video calling unlimited, more accessible, and cost-free. Individuals find these applications attractive because of the notion that they are not “chatting”, but rather “texting”. Users are increasing due to the impact of this idea.

Dropbox has become very appealing to students and teams because of its minimum file-storage of 2 gigabytes. Individuals no longer have to go online for a long period of time to view necessary files. Files are automatically synchronized when individuals go online and are viewable offline. The option to “save” these files and the delay caused by waiting for the files to be completely downloaded are no longer necessary.

Devices with frontal cameras are also appealing to many companies and individuals. Conference is no longer made via voice calls but also video calls. The quality of the call using said applications is almost the same as a long-distance call. There are little or no interruptions at all.

Developers improve on the use of these products frequently; hence, the necessity to regularly download updated versions and get operating system upgrades. Many updates take twice or thrice a month, while some applications require updates more than five times. These usually include bug fixes, improved performance & efficiency, and quicker access. These are necessary to prevent the application from crashing or from impeding the recovery of files. Although some updates may take a while to be fully downloaded & installed in the client’s device, they do not require being brought to the provider or the manufacturer to be completed. Installation and transportation costs are avoided.