Managing Pay Per Click: Three Essential PPC Management Tasks

When it comes to online marketing, your list of tasks can seem endless and managing pay per click (PPC) advertising can easily fall off the radar. As tempting as it may be to establish your ads and let them take care of themselves, you really must be proactive about PPC management if you hope to reap any quantifiable benefit. The need for continuous attention is one reason why some business owners choose to hire a firm to handle this for them, but, if you have the time and inclination, it can be difficult to justify the expense. The best way to decide whether you should engage the services of a PPC management firm is to look at the most basic yet critical things everyone should do when it come to pay per click. Can you and will you make time for these?

  1. Review your keyword selection. When you initially launched your PPC ads, you targeted certain keywords. Hopefully, you did some basic research to inform your decisions, but the internet is ever changing, and your PPC must evolve alongside it. Use the tools embedded in your ad platform to see which keywords are truly driving traffic and which ones are not. Take the time to revisit your research and use Google’s keyword tool and traffic estimator to identify gaps in your PPC strategy. Done well this should incite you to establish a whole new set of ads and may lead to discontinuing others entirely.
  2. Revise your ad copy. Depending on the platform, your text can become stale relatively quickly. For example, highly targeted Facebook ads are seen in heavy rotation by niche segments, so they can lose their impact in an amazingly short period of time. Even if you suspect that your ads are not seen repeatedly by the same population, there is almost always room for improvement. Keep in mind that while unique, compelling copy is more likely to attract clicks, you do not always need to reinvent your ads entirely. Instead, think about changing an image or just a few words. Small tweaks can truly net an appreciable gain.
  3. Run seasonal ads. If you have ruefully shaken your head at how stores promote one holiday only to usher in the next one right on its heels, you are not alone, but seasonal PPC is a reality. People search for holiday and season specific items every day, and there is no reason you cannot capitalize on that trend. In addition to your repertoire of regular ads, you should create highly relevant ads that reflect the changing seasons and meaningful events in our lives.

These are just three things everyone should do when it comes to PPC. If you find these managing pay per click fundamentals daunting, then it may be time to outsource the project to professionals. The same can be said of all of your online marketing efforts. While it is entirely possible to handle them yourself, you need to consider whether it is the best use of your resources. If you have the time and energy to dedicate to these initiatives, by all means, sally forth, but if you would rather devote your full attention to your actual business, then delegate your PPC and SEO tasks to those who actually have chosen to do this for a living.


Proactively Managing Pay Per Click Ads Is Critical, But If You Cannot Find The Time For These Three Tasks, You Should Consider Hiring A PPC Management Firm.