Let’s Never Lose Touch Again Okay?

Online ChattingAlmost over two decades ago, it was nearly impossible for people to get in touch with old friends unless you bump into them or they are listed in the phone directory. Today, times have changed. Right now, it is nearly impossible not to find your old friends online. Although not every friend you find or bump into online are just as happy to talk to you again, connecting with old pals is still a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience that leaves a wonderful feeling.

Yes, there is still the age-old telephone and traditional snail mail. But really, who still makes use of these to talk to friends especially when there are emails and online chat systems freely available for basically anyone who has a computer? Let’s be realistic here, you want to talk to friends but you want to communicate with convenience and without the burden of spending a dime. Seeing that up to now, you are still looking for ways on how to effortlessly communicate with friends online, you’re virtually still in the dark. And it only shows that you are not a technologically inclined person at all. So, how can you go about this obstacle?

Write an Email

Writing an email to someone is a very easy way to communicate and keep in touch. It is just like penning a letter except this one gets to the recipient in seconds. Even if your friend is not online, the mail will just sit in the Inbox until he or she goes online again. And guess what, you can also attach photos and videos in your email.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging applications like Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger allows you to talk to your friends in real-time. To use this service, you and your friend should have an instant messenger account. When you are logged in, you will be notified if your friend is online and you can chat right away. Instant messaging applications also allow the use of webcams, voice calls and group conferences.


Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP is a cheap way to make phone calls to your friends using your computer. More often than not, PC to PC calls are free of charge, as compared to calls via landline and mobile phones that charge enormous rates. Additionally, making long distance calls using VOIP telephony is a lot cheaper compared to the standard long distance phone rates. Try out Skype, one of the most popular calling services around that offers instant messaging, video calls, group chats and video conferencing. If you’re a business honcho, however, you can try out RingCentral, a professional-grade VOIP service provider that has extensive telephone capabilities.

Social Networking Sites

Even when the term internet was alien to you, you surely have heard about Myspace, Facebook and the likes. These social networking sites are also great in keeping in touch with your old friends as well as new friends. Millions of users log in to these sites every day so it won’t be hard finding someone who’s already there. Set up an account and work on your profile. After that, you can start looking for friends and adding them. Facebook has an instant messaging feature so you can chat with friends, too.

Your chosen path to live life may have resulted to losing connection and communication with your old friends. But with technology, you have the power to gain them back. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” If you miss this feeling, find them. When you find them, never lose touch with them ever again using your email inbox, an instant messaging client, a VoIP service, or a web-based social networking site.