Knowing When you Should Invest in Social Media and not SEO

Your website is the heart of your online operations. Most businesses can’t target both social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at the same time. You have to make a choice between the two. SEO has been the undisputed king for getting exposure for many years. Things have changed since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, though.

Social media has a new level of emphasis, and there are situations where investing in social media will yield superior results. Here’s some additional information on when you should invest in social media.

 When Your Site is New

 SEO campaigns take months to start showing any real change in your traffic levels. Social media is a short-term option. When you update your status it’s posted instantly. Viral videos and pictures happen overnight. Without social media this couldn’t happen. With social media, you can start promoting your brand right now.

And it’s also a type of SEO. There’s a new amount of emphasis on social media. The amount of times someone shares your posts directly influences where your site ranks. People still debate over how much sharing influences your ranking, but everyone agrees it does have an impact.

 Impulse Buys

 If you’re selling something people buy on an impulse, it’s time to consider investing in social media. Services, such as legal or financial, take lots of consideration before someone buys them. You must rely on your website to explain to people what the benefits are and how they can help.

Products like jewelry and other consumables are things you have to encourage people to buy quickly. Social media reaches millions of people in a short space of time. They’ll look at a picture and read a short description before deciding to buy or move on. SEO isn’t contusive to speed because, as already mentioned, it takes a long time to show any effects.

 Getting Out There

 Good SEO assumes people already want what you’re selling. The newest revolutionary item isn’t something people are going to be searching for. For one, they don’t know it exists. Social media reaches people who aren’t necessarily searching for you. A simple advertisement on Facebook could reach someone who’s never heard of your product.

SEO is next to useless for these products and services. It would only come in use after people get wind of your product.

 What Do You Want?

 Despite the fact social media wins out in each of these scenarios, this doesn’t make SEO pointless or worthless. Both have their place in marketing. It all depends on what you want to get for your money.

Companies which want to start reaping the benefits now should always focus on social media first. It won’t give you anything in the long-term, though. It’s good for capturing the interest of people. SEO holds their interest and keeps customers coming back after they’ve been enthralled by your Facebook and Twitter pages.

In an ideal world, you’ll focus on both of them and make them interact with each other and work together.


Samuel is an SEO consultant and social media expert. He got into the industry after a friend sent him a free SEO analysis tool. Today, he helps companies and individuals gain exposure.