Keep your Eyes Open: 10 Tips for Optimization

At times you sit and write content on a couch in your home, but you get it optimized in an opposite part of the world. Why do we do this? What is the need to concentrate on the location of optimization? There are many tips that we tend to ignore while optimizing our content. I can hear a question coming from a corner, from where to get the tips to excel in optimization? But I have just put the things at ease for all you optimization experts. Below mentioned is the most practical and that could be put in-to action set of steps that you need to take while optimizing:

Blurb your words, such that it interprets your theme

Before aiming anything you need to know the reason and the background of your aim. The same is needed when it comes to optimization. But if you don’t know the background of your page then surely you’re targeting the wind, such actions are barely of any use. If you want your page to touch a particular height then it’s a necessity that you’re basics should clear.

So now bringing the above introductory example- if you are writing about the reviews of a Brazilian movie then you need to strike the market of Brazil than the country in which your couch rests.

Know the real purpose

As an age old saying says “necessity is the mother of invention”. Things work in the same manner when you step in optimization. You should know the purpose of you website to give the best results. As the above mentioned example is of the review about a Brazilian movie so its very necessary to give a brief story-line of the movie and its good and bad.

Age of Content Relevancy

Next point of a big concern is the age of content’s relevancy:

Is it something about the latest trend in the market? Or is it a piece of educational update that could be always useful? Or is it a byte of some news item that could always be interesting? Or some sort of announcements to be made in public. In the above mentioned example it can lie in the first category which may be viewed only till its new in the market. And once people know about it, the relevancy of its existence may lessen up.

Optimize your Content

And as the optimization gurus say, optimization is a story that tolls around searches. Otherwise what is the sense of getting optimized? First of all check the relevancy of keywords. Also think twice before including links to your website. And give a title that your description aims at and is formed to convey. So do include such keywords that could be easily reached.

Decide the Best

Make an appropriate decision whenever the situation needs it. As the truth says “a real decision is measured by the facts that you’ve taken into action. If there is no action, you haven’t truly decided”. But to rely on the above quote its necessary to see the situation in present, don’t try to just cut-copy-paste your earlier successful decisions as the circumstances may differ.

So, next time if you’re struck up with any SEO issue, just checkout this flowchart and see if you have missed out something. But before I end just remember that you can always customize the flowchart that fits best in your situation.


-Written by Sara Bruce. An SEO analyst, who predominantly works on removing negative remarks from websites, Do you face negative reviews about your Business/Services? Do visit our pages on ‘Remove negative results’ & ‘Negative online listings’ to get rid of it.