Joomla 3.0 – one of the major release under STS track offering mobile friendly CMS

The Joomla authorities have released the new Joomla 3.0 version. This is a major accomplishment by the team of developers at Joomla as it has been made compatible for mobile phones and comes with bundle of new and exciting features and standard templates and extensions for the sites a highly responsive administrator interface and user interface that are in line with the standards of responsive web-designs. This responsive admin UI provides exceptional outcome on both large and wide screens of laptops and desktops and small screens of tablets and mobile phones.


The Joomla Platform version 12.2

The basic platform for Joomla has been upgraded to 12.2 version and the installation procedure has been made relatively simple that is based on a three step procedure. The version 3.0 also comes with sample sets of data to help and guide the users when installing Joomla 3.0.


The new template Isis

The version 3.0 comes with a latest template for administration area that is named as Isis. This template is quite different from the previous administrator templates. It has a brand new look and works perfectly on mobile phones.


Bootstrap HTML 5 framework

Developers have incorporated Bootstrap HTML 5 framework. The bootstrap framework is added for mobile optimized viewing and has a grid layout. The addition of bootstrap framework delivers smooth and uninterrupted user and administrator experience.


Drag and drop

Because of jQuery, the version 3.0 comes with drag and drop feature that permits components in the interface at back end to get sorted with the help of clicks.


What’s more?

The Joomla version 3.0 currently supports Mootools JavaScript but it will fade away gradually from the Joomla. All the significant settings are grouped closely and when the configuration tab is opened, users will find the settings for global system. Other options and settings will be located on the sidebar. Icons, settings and other features will be available at the top when users edit certain items. There is a new template named as Protostar that works equally well on cellular devices

System requirements


PHP 5.3.1, MySQL 5.1 and PstgreSQL are required for Joomla version 3.0. the process to update the system to the version 3.0 is simple and can be accomplished by making use of the back end feature of auto update. The installation process is based on three simple steps. You must be extremely careful when upgrading to version 3.0 as most of the templates and extensions of version 2.5 will not work on version 3.0. So some of the templates and extensions will require modification. For further assistance, contact the developer.


Joomla developers will not be working more on version 2.5 but only some updates related to security issues. Even these kinds of updates for version 2.5 will be released until the latest LTS release of Joomla version 3.5 that is going to be launched in year 2014. Developers suggest that users should not upgrade to version 3.0 and should continue using version 2.5 as it as long term release. Only those users should go for Joomla 3.0 who want new and latest features for their sites.



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