Is SEO a SCAM? The True Picture

Is SEO a SCAM? The True Picture

Both PPC pay per clicks and SEO have become a common practice nowadays. These help website to be on the horizon of the search engine results in a really fast mode. Marketing and SEO are totally different but are linked together very closely. These two are dependent on each other and are the core factors to generate traffic for your website. The concepts of good SEO are now hardly any secret The people who least understand issues with URL structure and SEO are the people who create them.

Many long time SEO analysts are now working on creating a big picture and working with usability analytics. Some of them are SCAM artists.

If you visit SEO and web marketing forums on regular basis you will find that there is often a debate on SEO industry ethics and credibility. After reading a lot of discussion and arguments it suggests that no two companies working in this industry has the unified methodology regarding their SEO techniques. Most of the time, companies keep their working methodologies secret and don’t just let you know about them.

To know exactly that what are the dynamics of this industry here are a few facts that might help you in shaping your mind and thinking towards SEO.

Fact 1: There is no unified method used by the companies to practice their SEO techniques. They simply state that SEO is done to generate more traffic and SERP’s on their web site. of course, but how do they do that is a real question?

Fact 2: The effectiveness of an SEO campaign depends on the site structure, its content, the keywords and the most important is how much popular the site is actually. Sites are not just ranked after some random keywords but a more complex work is needed to be done here. It is a mix of web marketing and SEO.

Fact 3: If your site lacks interest for users, no matter what you do it will all fail. Some SEO’s do search engine optimization and some of them are doing search engine manipulation. Unethical optimization does provide results quickly and the good ones but they won’t come the right way.  You will fall in the pits of blocked domains and all. Ethical optimization has a long term benefit.

Fact 4: Most SEO companies are paid heavily but even they are not sure where your company will rank. Unfortunately this is the true picture of this industry. Most SEO companies just shift clients and if they don’t get the results they simply switch to other clients.

Fact 5: There are some companies who use both ethical and unethical link building techniques to maximize your profit. It is very obvious for companies to buy bulk links from INDIA or you can sell large directory submission packages. It is also a common practice by the companies to place huge amounts of the contract into linking of a poor quality site optimization.

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