Is Facebook Changing Us?

facebook psychology

Communicating with our friends and family members on social network sites like Facebook may be having some unexpectedly negative effects on our collective psychology. Spending too much time online not only has a detrimental effect on our social lives, but can also greatly affect and alter brain size and function.

Although Facebook hasn’t yet turned 10 years old, Internet addiction disorder is quickly gaining traction as a widespread psychological problem, especially where social media and online gaming is involved. It’s obvious that spending too much time online may have a negative effect on one’s real life human connections, but surprising links between Internet addiction and hostility, depression and social phobia have been made.

There are too many negative consequences of excessive Internet usage to continue to ignore the problem. For many, it isn’t possible to completely stop going online, but there are still many things we can do to begin to correct the damaging effects of this addiction.

Image compliments of Best Masters in Psychology