Is Apple Losing?

Is Apple Losing?

There were recent reports saying that Apple has lost its top selling position to Samsung and HTC. However, most critics regard these as “over-exaggerated” because the release of the iPhone 4S drove iOS usage up a remarkable 61 percent in October last year. Have a lot of people, in fact, already decided to sell old smartphones to get new ones instead of getting an iPhone?

The Figures

“Apple is indeed, losing it.” This is what can be said based on the latest data from Canalys, Strategy
Analytics, Juniper Research and IDC. All these analysts claimed that Apple’s seems to be outrun
by its competitors in the smartphone race.

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There are a lot of questions that can be asked about this, but here’s one: What has impacted the percentages? Most market analysts reach the decision that Apple’s share was jammed by its delayed switch to the iPhone 4S. However, with more than four million of these handsets sold on launch, the company seems set to counter sales in the current quarter.

According to IDC, the decline in sales of the company is really expected. After all, the iPhone 4S showed a very strong first week, making the subsequent weeks not as stellar as the first week.  Like almost anything else, performances drop after the initial thrill and hype. Daniel Ashdown, Research Analyst with Juniper Research notes: although the iPhone 4S is essentially an iPhone 4 with upgraded hardware, what will spell the difference between iPhones and smartphones is Siri,
projected to be a killer app for Apple. He further adds that “… the continuation of the iPhone 4 and 3GS in effect positions the company’s handsets at a range of price points, without losing their premium image.”

On the other hand, Kevin Restivo, a senior research analyst with IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker comments that the mixture of a weak economy and anticipation over fourth quarter orlate third quarter product releases may have triggered people to stall their smartphone purchases.
This may mean that this period may be used to sell an old smartphone, in preparation for the future. “Many waited for products such as the iPhone 4S, which was announced after the quarter closed, or Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 7 phone series, which were released in the final weeks of the quarter.”

Just remember that if you have decided to sell used electronics or used smartphones, look for a company that will give you the real value of your gadget. Don’t settle for just any company that lures you into selling to them your old gadget. These firms, especially the ones online, may actually
end up giving you an unfair deal. You have to make sure that the transaction is fair, with you getting the right amount of money for your gadget. Moreover, you have to see which company offers the most  convenient method to get money from your old smartphones.

Whether or not Apple is losing its dominance in the market, it is to your advantage that you know what to do when you feel that it’s time for an upgrade.