They have done it again. With the blend of sheer brilliance and top notch technology here come the new ipad3. It has hit the market by a storm. With so much speculation and design suggestions after ipad2 it was awaited the most. And yet again it has come up with a breakthrough in technology. From design to operating system to specification it has everything new and substantial.

They say “It’s brilliant in every sense of the word”. Apple has yet again surprised and hooked everyone with their new masterpiece. To make a hands-on experience better and clear they have done everything to make you fall in love with your device. With absolutely amazing features and futuristic display it has smitten everyone.

Real, True and Amazing Display

The all new retina display has been a top addition in this version of ipad. It just gives you a crisp, colorful, rich text display that will surely test the limits of your retina. Even with 4x zoom you will see everything clearly and real life. It has a million more pixels than a HDTV and 9times better saturation of colors so that you will be having the best display while you watch movies, play games and look at pictures.

Fast and Furious

The new A5X chip is way faster than the chip in ipad2 which gives better speed, functionality and hands on experience. This allows the device to work faster than any other mobile device. And with all this the battery life is not that much affected. Even with all this you can have a go of hours and hours on your device.

The very new eye-sight camera which captures your memories likes never before. With so much to offer in display it records a 1080p video and pictures that are larger than life. It has a lens installed like a professional camera and has the best picture capturing technology with speed.

The new OS, new dimension

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IOS6 is the magic behind this ipad. With bullet speed, millions of apps it is so far the best mobile operating system that no one has experienced before. It gives you the best multi touch and multi tasking experience like never before. With option to download millions of apps for free this OS is the best which offers more than 200pre installed apps like siri, maps and facebook integration.

Over the Top Features

iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.6 So if you buy a song, take a photo, or edit a calendar event on your iPad, iCloud makes sure it appears on your Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch, too. You don’t have to do a thing.

Airplay is very amazing. You can connect wirelessly without any hassle having the option of airplay. You can connect your device to your HDTV and watch movies, play games and enjoy the internet experience.

It is truly a sensation for everyone. The features, technicalities and the functions you can perform are larger than life and give you a true experience of using a Gadget that has everything to offer.

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