Installing a Home Video Projector

Video-ProjectorAs far as we know of, there is no better way to get the same movie theater experience in your home than by having a quality video projector. There’s just something special about a projector that captures most of the same magic that only movie theaters are able to make us feel. Now that video projectors are more affordable than ever, many movie enthusiasts are looking to invest in a quality video projector for their homes.

Contact any number of audio visual companies and you may get the sense that they are charging a lot of money for something that isn’t that complicated. These companies make a lot of money by setting up projectors and other similar devices, so it’s on their best interest to make things sound complex and difficult. In reality, setting up a projector screen can be a simple and enjoyable process. It’s also easy to find quality projector screens at this website.

Here’s a simple way to set up your new home video projector:

  1. Setup the screen first. Even though it seems that you are doing the whole process backwards, the screen should always be setup first; sometimes the zoom range on most projectors can be extremely limited. By setting it up first you won’t have any issues with placement later.
  2. Switch on the projector. Set the zoom to mid point and move the projector to the point in the room where it fills the screen area.
  3. Next fit the bracket securely to the ceiling. This will help avoiding any accidents later on.
  4. Optimize color, gamma, contrast and other screen settings. Try to setup each of the settings in the menu according to your preferences. The gamma and contrast should be adjusted depending on the room’s brightness.
  5. Plug in and play. Plug in your favorite DVD, Blu-ray or video game console to the projector and bask in the magic of projectors!