Web Development is an extensive term, which is linked with designing of the website which has to be placed on World Wide Web or internet. Developing the website can vary from single page of simple text to the most difficult web based difficult applications. Process of Web Development includes the content, design and development. Web Development has been growing rapidly since 1990’s. More and more companies are entering in this field and offer the services like web designing, Flash Development, link building, HTML coding, SMO and other online promotions.


PhP is an important name in processes of web development. Many internet domains had hosted their web services on servers with PHP. PHP is used to design the web pages. PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor which is a scripting language that was designed to create websites. PHP was designed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The PHP is the programming language which assures the excellent web content. PHP is one of the most popular web development scripts among. Net, JSP, Java


What problem use to face while using PHP?? The World Wide Web works on client –server model. Web server supplies a page on a client computer requests. The page is then viewed by the user. The browser would not have any trouble if the server serves plain text files. PHP is a scripting language that is especially suited to server –side web development. PHP run on the server side. They modify and display the content before sending it to the client and on to the browser.


The first thing which one needs to work on PHP is that you must have the knowledge of HTML and CSS. To work on PHP it is essential to understand the coding of HTML as you need to modify this code. As it is a server side script that is why the dynamic web pages can be created.




  • Free of cost:  PHP costs nothing as you can easily install it from your computer and start PHP development to create a dynamic website.
  • Royalty fees: There is no royalty fee for PHP as it is not a licensed product.
  • No restrictions: there is no restriction for its usage. This can be used as per the requirements and you can modify its source code because this source code is available in PHP Development.
  • Reduction of Overhead charges: You can use it on open source server like Linux, Apache. This reduces the maintenance bill of the server
  • Database support: PHP provides you the wide database support as it works with MSSQL, IBM DB2, and ORACLE OC18.
  • Matured Language: PHP language has grown by years so it has now been matured enough to handle any kind of project.
  • Easy to learn: as the syntax of PHP is similar to c &c++ so it is easy to learn.
  • PHP is also good in running multimedia files as PHP is not dependent on external plug- ins.


With the help of PHP several web tasks can easily be performed. For instance, we can develop small websites into giant organizational websites, chatting platforms, informative forums, E-commerce shopping, e-business, CRM solutions etc. Moreover the data handling can also be done easily in PHP like storing data, creating cookies, calculating no. of viewers by cookies and file management system.


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