Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis mp3’s Benefit Hugely from the Web

Pic_1There seems no stopping the huge number of hypnosis mp3 recordings downloaded daily from the internet. Hypnosis was once a subject cloaked in mystery and misunderstanding, yet today hypnosis mp3’s are being downloaded in their 10,000’s daily from sites worldwide.

In fact this massive surge of interest in the subject has removed it from being listed as a black art to one of constant popularity. Some would even state it’s now even migrated to the realms of pop culture. Search for any subject connected with hypnosis on YouTube and you’ll unearth a wealth of videos produced by people of all levels of abilities and understanding.

Hypnosis was originally a subject shrouded in secrecy and performed only by doctors, stage entertainers and the occasional faith healer. Nevertheless, today hypnosis is no longer the preserve of the informed few. On a recent stroll through YouTube I even discovered an intended serious video by a boy no older than 10 years of age, giving advice on how to use hypnosis to control a sibling.

Of course there’s little doubt that most of the hypnosis videos and mp3’s available via the internet are for health related matters. Hypnotherapy in the western world has reached new heights of popularity over the last 10 years or so due purely to the internet.

When once it was difficult to find a single hypnotherapist listed in your local Yellow Pages, today a 30 second local search on Google will uncover more hypnotherapists than doctors. Here one must ask the question, “How qualified are all these therapists who are trying to help their clients with the application of hypnosis?” While virtually all hypnotherapists carry a long list of letters of accreditation after their name, the validity of these accreditations is beginning to be questioned by many.

On the other hand, astounding as it seems at first, many hypnotherapists are claiming success with subjects that standard Western society doctors seem powerless to help. Furthermore, not everybody who visits their doctor wants to take a magic pill for the rest of their life to subdue problems like migraine headaches, asthma, or panic attacks. I mention these subjects in particular as a vast amount of hypnosis mp3 downloads websites contain emotionally charged ‘thank you’ comments from many satisfied customers for a wide range of traditional medical problems, such as the ones mentioned above.