HP Now Offers a 7-inch Tablet

Several companies investing on digital and electronic technology are now banking on handfuls of tablets. A tablet is like your personal organizer and a personal computer. One can put multiple games and applications depending on the memory capability of the unit, how you want it and when you need it.  It is also a data bank for students and professionals, making their documents accessible and ready. Using these tablets, one can also have easy access to subscription services such as RingCentral business phone numbers, to carry on business transactions.


HP definitely is not the leading brand for tablets now days, but no one can say that this company is not trustful enough with its ability to develop and innovate. HP is a company that is known worldwide for their printers and personal computers; they also have line production of smart phones and hard drives. This time HP had finally dug in to the trend of tablet production with their new 7-inch tablet.

Features of HP Slate 7

The HP Slate 7 is run through Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, an operating system that assures its capability to run multiple programs and open several tabs without the hustle or worry of running slow, provided that there is a good internet connection. A faster and latest operating system will definitely make this tablet cooler.

Additional to its Android powered OS is its ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 1.6GHz processor, the dual core processor will add to android’s high capability of data transfer and processing of whatever you want to do with your HP Tablet and its installed applications.

This tablet offers two cameras, one in the front and at the back of the unit. The one at the back has 3-megapixel capability while the one at the front is a VGA camera that is suitable for Skype conversations or your video chatting.

You can still have your access to every Google Services such as Gmail, Google Search and Google Drives, just to mention a few. Have your movies watch and download it from your favorite sites, update your social networking and continue your business transactions with this new HP Slate 7.

Design of HP Slate 7

HP Slate 7 offers a 7-inch screen, that is able to give different viewing options in almost every angle that you want with your photos, movies, games, your electronic documents among others. What most tablet users difficulty is a tablet’s viewing capability especially outdoors, the HP Slate 7 with its screen claims to change this kind of experience with better viewing options even outdoors.

Weighing just about 13 ounces or just 369 grams, just the right size and weight for our handy and clutch bags that are always on the go. The casing of this new HP tablet is made of stainless steel making the its physical body looking more classy without sacrificing the durability of the gadget.

The stainless steel chassis were limited to red and gray with gentle black paint, addition to its feature and claimed to be unique among any other tablets, is the Beats Audio carefully set at the back of the unit.

The following features and design are justifiable with its selling price of 169 dollars, the HP Slate 7 is coming to US market this April. Be sure to check it out in your favorite gadget stores, try if the features of this HP tablet will make you change you mind and switch your old one with this new innovation.