How to Stream TV Shows Online

It has been said that the traditional way in which people watch television is no more. That, in some ways, TV as it was is dead or is at least a remnant of a media culture that does not exist anymore- so more like a fossil maybe. These days, the internet has started to take over as the main way in which people consume TV. It makes a ton of sense after all, as the internet allows you to watch whatever episodes you want of whatever show you want at whatever time you want. It is almost as if the consumer has become the programmer. Not to mention, that with streaming TV shows, the watcher of the TV show doesn’t have to worry as much about commercial breaks or missing any part of the show, because with online streaming you can pause and rewind the show at your hearts content.

There is no doubt that the future of TV is via online streaming and other new media technologies. Also, with online streaming of TV, you can watch TV shows and episodes on a cell phone, on a personal computer, a lap top and pretty much anything else that has a screen and a wireless internet connection. In the end, it is pretty ingenious and definitely has a leg up on traditional broadcast television operations.

Streaming TV episodes online is very easy and really only takes a few clicks of the mouse. After that, you can essentially watch as much TV as you can handle. Here are a few of the best sites where you can stream TV episodes and movies online:




Hulu is perhaps the most popular streaming service online. This is because it is free and offers a wide variety of network TV shows and even original content created in-house by the Hulu team. Hulu also offers a monthly payment plan which gives you unlimited access to their archives as well as access to other features that are not available on the free version of the site.


Netflix has consistently been the game changer when it comes to streaming TV content on the web. For a small monthly fee, a consumer gets access to a seemingly unlimited supply of television and film. Netflix has also gotten into the original content game, including a new Arrested Development season.


Roku operates as a kind of mixture between Netflix and Hulu. There is a free version and a monthly version and it also allows you to rent digital and physical copies of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Andrew W. is a freelance writer for a host of news and entertainment web sites, other online information resources, newspapers and magazines. He is a self-proclaimed tv addict and always makes sure to catch the latest episodes of his favorite shows via streaming them online.