How to Spend Less on a New Computer

You may need to buy a new computer if system tune ups and parts upgrades no longer work for improving the speed and performance of your PC. If you are short on cash, you should find ways to save money when you buy a new PC. Here are some ideas how you can score discounts and deals when you buy a new computer: computer

  • Buy a Refurbished Computer

Instead of buying a brand new computer, consider buying a refurbished computer. Refurbished computers are items that have been returned to the manufacturer so they are cheaper and more affordable than brand new units. You can get as much as 29% savings when you purchase a refurbished computer instead of buying a brand new PC. If you are afraid to spend money on an item that has been returned possibly because of defects, be aware that it is generally safe to purchase manufacturer-refurbished products. Manufacturer-refurbished computers are retested and rebuilt to comply with its company’s quality standards. They also often come with warranties so if you encounter problems with your purchase, you can get your computer serviced and even replaced.

  • Do not Buy the Latest Computer Model

Should you prefer to purchase a brand new computer, avoid buying the latest model because computers that have just been released to the market are often sold at a premium price. If you are on a budget, you can settle for an older computer model to save some cash. Computers that were released last year are not priced as prohibitively as the latest computers but their features and specs are often as good as the newer models.

  • Buy Your Computer Online

A lot of people already know that buying stuff online can help save some cash. This is because online merchants do not often spend lots of money on their operational expenses so they can afford to price their goods more competitively. Before you go to the computer shop to purchase your new PC, check out if you can buy the computer you have in mind at a lower price on the internet. You can make use of shopping comparison sites to find online sellers and sites that offer the best price for computers and laptops.

  • Use a Coupon

If you want to get discounts and special deals on computers, look for coupon codes that can slash the cost of the computer you are buying. By using a coupon code, for instance, you can save up to $50 when you buy a computer at Dell’s website. You can get your coupon from coupon code collecting sites such as, and Visit these websites to find coupons you can use to save on your computer purchase.

  • Do not Spend Money of Features and Add-ons You do not Need

The more features and add-ons a computer has, the more expensive it becomes so make sure to determine the specs and features you need before shopping for a new computer so you can steer clear of expensive computers with features you won’t be likely to use. Be aware that you will also pay for the programs that will be installed on your new computer so make sure you know what particular software you really need.

  • Avail of Special Pricing

Apple offers a special price for students and teachers who are buying their products. If you are qualified to avail of this special pricing, you might as well use your eligibility to purchase a Mac computer at a discount. You may contact Apple’s business phone to ask for further details on how you can buy a Mac through their special pricing program.