How to Slash Costs When Developing and Maintaining Your Application

In the IT industry, there are certain practices that are unavoidable, and one of these includes the need for maintenance. A large amount of an organizational budget will need to go into this, and the cost is sometimes so much that it is paired with development costs too. The reason for this is; maintenance not only includes minor updates. It may include installing completely new versions, which means that it’s exactly a whole new set of development created albeit with many components unchanged.

With development and maintenance placed together in terms of your expenses, you can also observe the similarities in the technical processes, which makes it even more of a commonsense matter to pair them up. This is one way of lowering costs although your expenses may run into thousand or even millions. Many top-performing mobile app development companies like VeztekUSA set aside huge budgets for ensuring a proper development and maintenance process.

There are several apps that have been around for a while and those too that have become popular in recent times such as Amazon, Freecharge, Paytm, Myntra, etc. There are also many that come and go without being noticed, and these account for around 80% of those developed.

There are several reasons for their quick exit from the market. Among these is the fact that they may not be quick enough to make adjustments according to market requirements. This may entail a need to adjust their UI or modify some part of the app’s functionality, or even monitor and maintain certain areas that tend to breakdown. In order to keep a track of such things and ensure smooth operation of your app, you need to have a standard procedure in place.

You can save money on mobile app development and maintenance through managed services or outsourcing models. There are few things that you will need to take care of in order to achieve this. Below are a few things to take care of that will make a significant difference to lowering your overall development and maintenance costs.

1: Describe the Roles

You must begin by defining roles for your various app cycle phases. It’s important to ensure that when you outsource development to an IT firm, they comply with the roles and profiles you lay out. You need to establish a nomenclature for each role, which would include things like development, analysis, coding, designing, etc. Your outsourcing IT Company must also have well-defined knowledge, skill and experience which will make you comfortable when you assign them the roles. You will have a complete process organized along with a baseline price established for your app.

2: Experience Counts

Knowing how experienced your outsourced IT Company is, will put you at an advantage. With higher rates charged for more experienced individuals handling your project, you can select how much experience you need. This can help you manage your expenses according to your budget. While it may cost you more to have people with more experience, it is well worth it.

3: Expertise

While we have high technology experts available in the market, they are commanding premium rates which are often out of the budget. Decide the rate not only on the basis experience but also the expertise in the technology you want. An experience in Java is not needed if you are planning the app to be developed with PHP or SQL technology. Decide it first handedly whether the experience and expertise be counted together or not.

4: Location

This is particularly true for offshore IT companies, but also applies to locations around your own country. In the US, the costs can vary significantly at different locations. The location you settle for will be dependent on your budget. Paying lower rates does not mean that you will get poorer service quality in return; rather, the low costs point to the cost of living in certain areas where the rates per hour are lower based on lower but efficient manual labor and technology. It’s noteworthy to mention that your communication process and medium of communication must be verified before you decide to trust your project in the hands of a company offshore. You will need to know that communication will be smooth.

5: Proper Metrics

Quantifying and gauging efforts and measuring associated time and cost is a major challenge associated with mobile app development. You will need to analyze and estimate the duration and complexity, which will make it easier to measure the process. Fundamentally, your metrics will include determining how much work must be achieved in a set amount of time. These metrics will have particular terms and definitions that help to ensure your entire development and maintenance is feasible, testable, correct, and pertinent while gauging the productivity based on a timeline.


The results achieved will be a benchmark that will help you monitor and tell you whether you are getting things done according to your plan. Lagging behind will simply mean that your budget is being wasted.

You will realize that a successful process is based on being prepared and how well you have planned prior to initiating development. Always remember, every project may be unique and you can’t apply the same process to a different project. The best way forward is to prioritize the different rules you set. This is what great companies like VeztekUSA do in order to have a successful project.


Sani is Managing Director of VeztekUSA a well known Web and Mobile App Development Company based in Los Angeles, California. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications. He always stay  up to date with latest trends in Mobile App Development and loves contributing on different technology Blog. Follow him on twitter @VezTekUSA