How To Select The Right Niche For Your Next Blog

If you’ve already launched one blog and are contemplating launching another, you’re in a good place. You know what to do and what not to do; more importantly, you know what works and what doesn’t. But do you know which niche to select for your next blog? You need to consider many things while selecting a new niche – here are some of them.

Make A List Of The Topics You Like

Take account of your life’s experiences, your training, hobbies, personal interests and professional expertise. Make a list of all the areas on which you can blog using what you know already. It doesn’t matter how many niches you list; what matters is what whichever one you choose finally, you should be comfortable with it.

Shortlist Based On Your Passion Level

It’s important to feel true passion for the niche you choose. If you don’t feel it, you won’t be able to sustain your interest in it long term. Even if you don’t know a particular subject well, you can learn. The niche has to appeal to your personal interest and ignite your passion to learn. If this is not the case and the niche becomes a drudge for you, you won’t make it. Shortlist those niches on which you are confident of being able to churn out articles day after day.

Check How Popular Your Shortlisted Topics Are

Do a keyword search for blogs in each of your shortlisted niches. How many popular blogs do you find? How popular are those niches? What’s the reader base? Finding out the answers to these questions will help you know which niches appeal to readers, not just to you.

Find Out Which Niches Monetize More Successfully

All professional bloggers are concerned with the earnings they make through their blogs. In fact, many professional bloggers give up their day jobs and earn their living via blogging. To achieve this ultimate goal, look for niches that offer easy monetizable qualities. Maybe a blog about 50’s rock music might be popular, with people who like to reminiscence, but how well can you monetize it?  Fine tune your shortlist based on monetization prospects and you will know how to proceed.

Look Up The Competition

Top bloggers today say that there is no such thing called niche saturation. However, it’s hard enough to start out and build with a brand new blog. You don’t really want to swim in deep waters where there are too many sharks already. Make a note of the level of competition for the niches remaining in your list.

Check Out The Scope Of The Market

After checking out the competition level on the remaining niches, evaluate the market scope of each. Some markets are so huge that any number of blogs can survive and prosper in them. Some markets are narrow and too much competition can stifle growth. If the markets are large, retain those competitive niches in your list.

Check If You Can Contribute Something Unique

Even in a heavily competitive niche, a new blog can prosper quickly. It depends on the unique perspective the blogger brings to the market. Look up the competition and evaluate scope for something different. How have other approached the same niches? Have they plumbed the depths of the topic or is there anything you can bring to the table that’ll add value?

Evaluate How Well You Can Monetize Your Shortlisted Niches

Evaluate the remaining niche ideas on your list. What ways can you monetize them? For this, you’ll need to take another look at the competition. Evaluate if you can sell products, eBooks, earn revenue based on advertisements or sign up affiliate programs.


Once you have evaluated your shortlisted niches based on all the above considerations, pick one that works best for you, from all angles, and start your next blog.


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