How to Market Yourself through LinkedIn

LinkedinSelf-marketing is just as important as other kinds of marketing. In the words of Angie M. Jordan:

You have something to offer. Whether its a service you can provide, education you’ve obtained, or a product you’ve created. What’s your passion? Finding your passion is a good way to focus your efforts on what exactly you are going to sell about yourself. If you are a student, then sell what you’ve learned in school. If you are a professional, then sell your knowledge+skills. Knowing how to market yourself is about knowing how to highlight who you are and how you can benefit your intended audience. Then… Getting your intended audience to take the action you want them to take. This is true whether you are trying to get a job fresh out of college, looking for a promotion, or looking to build your client base for your own biz.

The best place for promoting yourself as a professional is LinkedIn because it obviously caters to people in the working world. While brands and businesses are busy turning their social media pages into power marketing tools, individuals must not forget just how important it is to market themselves. Proper self-marketing enables an employee to reinforce the skills they have, as well as help business owners to build connections that they could contact for future collaborations. Using LinkedIn as your platform is easy and here are a few ways to better your profile for improved self-marketing.

  • If you have any publications where you are the author or co-author, make sure to share it on the Publications section. This will let people know that you have gotten published and are a trusted source in your field.
  • Keep your activity feed relevant and appropriate. Take a cue from the company page of RingCentral and make sure to share articles or videos that are interesting and related to your business. The bottom line is that you must avoid being passive and make sure you establish your presence on LinkedIn. Follow companies that are of interest and join groups that are in your industry, or ones you are just interested in.

    To raise your visibility among your connections, share news about the industry or relevant companies. Then join a few professional groups that interest you. Recruiters often mine groups for prospects, and answering questions or participating in discussions shows your expertise and engagement.

    (Dan Finnigan,

  • Keep your basic information updated. This is the part of your profile that gives people an idea of what you do. It may be a small section but it still packs a lot of punch. Make sure your job title and current industry are always current.

    One of the most important ways to improve your position in LinkedIn’s search results is to fill out your profile completely. Not only does this give LinkedIn additional opportunities to identify search-related keywords in your profile, but the company is also more likely to rank completed profiles over partially finished ones.

    (AJ Kumar,

  • Make use of the Insights feature. This is an excellent way to get more information about your connections and networks.
  • Optimize your profile with keywords.

    One trend that’s really hot right now is optimizing your profile around a particular keyword you want to get found by. For example, if you’re a tax consultant, you’d want to optimize your profile so that when people search for “tax consultant,” your profile is first – or at least on the first page.

    (Nate Kievman, Digital Strategist)