How to make the best use of Google

Despite the presence of other search tools, remains the most popularly used search engine.  Google, simply put, is a massive data service that can be accessed from most places in the world. It offers many services such as google news, google maps and image search engines. Apart from being used as an effective search engine, Google is also a useful advertising and marketing tool once you know how to use it.

Using Google

1)       Whether you enter Http://, or simply in your address bar you will be taken to the same homepage. The mobile page is while the wap (Wireless Application Protocol) page is These options are all the same but they can be used for different devices.

2)       Once on the Google homepage, enter your search term and click the ‘Google Search’ button using your  key board or your mouse.

3)       Once the search results get generated, click on the relevant option.

4)       If you need to continue searching then new search terms can be entered in the search bar at the top of the page.


1)       Google shows search results in the order that it deems most relevant or important although from experience you will realize that this does not always work.

2)       The pages or links it ranks first often tend to be those that have been viewed most by people who have used the same or similar search terms as you. These sites are also frequently viewed sites because they use great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

3)       Sometimes, Google may return results that have nothing to do with your search. These sites probably showed up because your search terms were used as tags or keywords for the link.  So, you may end up clicking a lot of links before you find the right page. Other times (actually very often) the first three to five links may be sufficient.

Getting listed in Google search results

If your aim for using Google is not to find but to be found, note that most sites that end up on Google are automatically added by the company. Google’s “˜spiders’ (software use for searching web pages) automatically “˜crawl’ or search through pages at different time intervals noting the information provided in those pages. Once properly done, the spiders will be able to identify the content of the pages they crawl and list those pages based on relevance each time a search is done. However, if you want to manually submit your page visit

Tips for ensuring listing via automatic addition

1)       Try to get your site linked to other sites. The more links you have to other websites, the higher is the probability of Google’s spiders being able to find you.

2)       Go for a simple, clean site design or layout. The spiders are more likely to assess the content of your site if it is easy for them to navigate.

3)       Create and submit a sitemap to Google index so that it will provide all the necessary information regarding accessible URLs on your site and enable Google to have information pertaining to updated pages.